Aug 11, 2015

Killer Instinct 11 Coming Soon


The 11th round of the Killer Instinct event is coming soon. It wouldn't be Mafia Wars if there wasn't one of the numerous recycled Arena events happening. A break would be nice but it will probably show up as soon as the Arena Smashup expires. The loot items are shown below.


  1. I prefer this over Arena Smash up, at least you don't battle with other people

  2. LOL... yeah, apparently this is NOT MW anymore, without one of these arena events constantly being released. And after Killer Instinct 11, we should expect Arena Rampage 6... and then we're back to Arena Smashup 12... and then it's Killer Instinct 12 followed by Arena Rampage 7... and then the next round... and the next... and the next... haha... wonderful - if you enjoy the painful repetition that is Hell :P

  3. If the game is still around next year, I think it would be really great to have all the events wind down by the end of March, then hit April 1st with a new release of every type of event.


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