Aug 14, 2015

Los Angeles Ultimate Showdown Final Fight


The Los Angeles Ultimate Showdown is the chance to take out Hex for good. Once you take out all 10 of Hex's Mercenaries, you have to actually fight him. The bad news is his health is extremely high and the pattern of decreased damage dealt per attack continues. The Los Angeles Ultimate Showdown is 11 Boss Fights that take a while to finish. Hopefully there will be a script update soon. I did these all manually and it wasn't fun at all. Once Hex is defeated, the image on the Medallion page changes. More details on the final fight are shown below.

As you progress in boss fights, the health scores of Hex increase, the damage you deal per attack decreases and the damage you take per attack increases. The stamina cost per attack stays the same for all fights.

Fight 1
Fight 10
Final Fight
The lack of buffs on Hex's side helps but the amount of damage dealt is so drastically reduced that it doesn't seem to matter as far as your overall damage score is concerned. It all evens out and the 'buffs' as they are called aren't that exciting of a benefit. It would be way worse without them. 
The health scores of Hex for each round are shown below. These are the scores that were on my account and they won't be the same on all accounts.

Fight # Health Fight # Health
Fight 1 22,000 Fight 6 154,000
Fight 2 33,000 Fight 7 187,000
Fight 3 55,000 Fight 8 253,000
Fight 4 77,000 Fight 9 319,000
Fight 5 110,000 Fight 10 385,000
Final Fight506,000

The rewards you receive with each fight are shown below. 
After the final fight with Hex you get another loot item and it's all done.


  1. Yeah, no thanks.... {skipping}

  2. Hex health on my final fight is 91000.He is really not that hard if you can level easy.

  3. It was fun to take out Hex and its easy for me, I thought there would be different tiers of Hex to ruby level but it doesn't... Now all the districts and hex are dealt with, what's next?

  4. What do i do? it won't let me heal

    1. From what I can tell is that you cannot heal yourself until he takes you down to zero and it resets. In the process you lose one henchman. The one you lose can be gotten back so that you stay at 100% Att/Def.

    2. I'm having the exact same issue. All districts mastered through Ruby and mine looks exactly like your screenshot. It never set up the first fight and I have never even hit him once however, his henchmen are all gone, my health is at zero and I can't attack.

  5. not that I thought it would work, but I tried using a chicago health boost before killing him -- found that each level up, I could do about 3000-3500 damage. So got him to 1500, then leveled up, then collected the massive chicago bonus. No surprise, when he died and the next level came up, my health was unchanged. Next try will be tonight when he is about to kill me, I'll exit,use a chicago boost and re-enter the fight and see how it treats my "full" energy.

  6. That didnt work either -- I waited till I was one hit from death, used the chicago bonus. Went into the fight with 6 times my normal health , got killed, and as expected, it refilled to normal not the high chicago level. Was worth a try.


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