Aug 14, 2015

Los Angeles Ultimate Showdown Walkthrough


The Los Angeles Ultimate Showdown that we waited 10 days to see is exactly what many predicted it would be...a Boss Fight. It's not original but what can we expect from this game? Basically it's a series of 10 Boss Fights and it's not timed. The only requirement for participation is that the bronze level of District 10 be mastered. Each boss fight increases in difficulty and you can only use stamina to attack. You have the option to attack or power attack. You and Hex have henchmen and when you win a fight you get to take one away from Hex. If your health goes to zero than he gets one of yours and you need to do jobs to get it back. There isn't a FAQ at this time but more details are shown below. At this time there aren't any scripts for this feature but I'm sure that will change soon.

The help mark contains the instructions.
Once you get to the fight, you will see Hex and the mercenaries.

Since you don't have any of Hex's mercenaries for the first fight, there is no additional damage. The extra damage shows up in the parenthesis. I imagine the health scores and stamina requirements are not the same for all players and factor in different variables of each account. Fight 2 gives a better experience to stamina ratio than fight one but the cost per attacks are the same. The damage done to Hex decreases with each fight and the damage taken increases. This is compensated by the loss in mercenaries so it seems to add up to about the same for all fights. In fight 1 Hex has less health than in fight 2 so it most likely increases as you go. The BAM scores are probably the same as all the other boss fights in that your personal attack and defense scores determine what they are.

Fight 1
Fight 2
When you are finished with the fight, all you need to do is click on whichever mercenary you want. Hex's Attack Mercenaries increase Hex's damage dealt to you and Hex's Defense Mercenaries reduce the damage Hex receives from you. If you choose attack than you will receive less damage and lose less health per attack. If you choose defense than you will do more damage to Hex per attack and he will lose more health. The choice is yours.
When the fight is over, click on the mercenary that you want and it's yours and the fight is done. You will get the loot items and see the bonus in the next fight.
Which ever one you choose will be taken away from Hex and his attack or defense will be reduced by 20% per mercenary.
The bad part about fighting Hex is that you can't heal. You can heal all you want in the game but that doesn't bring your health back up when fighting Hex. Starting a new fight doesn't bring it back up to 100% either so at some point you will lose mercenaries.
You health only replenishes when Hex knocks you down to zero. You come back minus a mercenary so you need to go get it back or fight without it.
To get back your mercenary, go to the district and do jobs. Mercenaries are taken out randomly but they are in order as shown above. I lost the one for District 7 so I need to go there to get it back. I had to do 3 jobs before it appeared. Once you get the item, you can go back to the fight.
For a list of which districts each mercenary drop in, click the 'Recruit Mercenaries' button at the bottom of the fight. You can also use reward points if you don't feel like farming them. It's cheaper than a energy refill but you should be able to level as usual and not spend. Zynga may need to look at this page as it states you can buy them for 10 reward points but the cost is really 4.
Your mercenaries don't have any stats and you can only have 1 at a time. All they do for you is ensure that you give the most damage and take the least.
Hex's mercenaries are also loot rewards. Once you take one, they are added to your inventory.
Once you get all 10 and fight Hex one more time, you get the mastery item and you are done. At this time, I'm not sure if you have to actually fight him or just press the 'Kill' button on the Medallion page. I will make a follow up post once we know. Go here for an update. 


  1. This event is exciting. Knocked out 6 out of 10 bosses, without scripts :p

  2. I have only nailed him 3 times so ratio is too high to be able to level without collecting from properties. I am thankful that the boosts are restoreable for us, and so far have been able to recover lost ones easily. Even so, 4 RP is not a crazy amount compared to other events. I'm picking away at his defense,,,and it seems to make a small difference and even though I am still losing each fight, I don't appear to be losing as badly.

  3. How do you get health to fight Hex, mines is at 0 so I can't fight. I have all mercenies


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