Aug 4, 2015

Los Angeles District 10: Main Street Showdown


District 10 of Los Angeles is called Main Street Showdown and is the final destination in Los Angeles.  It will unlock once you master the bronze tier of District 9. Sadly there aren't any stamina jobs so we are stuck in Mexico until Zynga decides to lock us out. All the details for this district are shown below. 

The 3 job images and the Ruby job page are shown below.
Three consumables can be made in District 10. The first two are required for jobs and all 3 are required for Asset Raids.
The chart below lists the requirements and ratios for all 4 tiers of mastery. Like most of the other districts, there is only 1 job in District 10 that doesn’t require consumables or currency. Unfortunately this job only offers a 2.190 ratio so we got ripped off as far as ratios go. District 9 has a job with a ratio of 2.267 so we are taking a step back.

Job Mastery Clicks Consumable
1 5% 20 Produced Required1.9172.0122.0762.116
2 7% 15 Produced Required1.8911.9862.0492.088
3 4% 25 Required Produced2.0692.1732.2422.285
4 5% 20 ---- Produced1.9832.0832.1492.190
5 6% 17 Produced Required1.9092.0042.0682.108
6 4% 25 Required Produced2.1112.2162.2872.331
7 8% 13 ---- Required2.0402.1422.2102.253
8 4% 25 Required Produced2.1342.2402.3112.356
9 4% 25 Required Produced2.1662.2742.3462.391

Consumables are required for both jobs and Asset Raids. More details on Assets are shown below. All 4 jobs that require consumables have 4% mastery per click (25 per level) and 36 of each are required per Raid. You need to do 2, 3, 4, and 5 Raids for the bronze, silver, gold and ruby levels. The chart below lists the requirements and it's pretty steep. To fully master District 10 you need a total of 1,912 consumables!  You can’t save on the Asset Raids but if you use the Strategist and Lockpick Bonuses, 2X Mastery Boosts and ask your mafia for job help, you won’t need as many for the jobs.

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Assets Assets Assets Assets
District 10 
Boost Shot 50 50 50 50 72 108 144 180 704
Hexxed 50 50 50 50 72 108 144 180 704
Demolition Charge -- -- -- -- 72 108 144 180 504

The job equipment and how many of each are required is shown below. The cost will vary between accounts as there is a Brazil mastery item that grants a City Store discount for all destinations as well as the District 4 mastery in Los Angeles which grants a discount in the Los Angeles City Store. The discounts are not stacked. The costs shown below are from an account that has both discounts.
The job loot drops are pretty useless and the last 2 are rewards for Asset Raids. This is one of the mistakes Zynga has made in the game. In the past we loved to do jobs to get loot because the loot was always useful. This totally takes away any incentive to continue to do jobs in the newer destinations.
The Asset for District 10 is the Hexan Beast. The 4 stages of development are shown below.
Each Raid will require 36 each of the consumables you can make in jobs 1, 2 and 5 and 75% of your total stamina pool. Once you have all that, you can start. The bronze level requires 2 Raids (50% damage), silver 3 Raids (33% damage), gold 4 Raids (25% damage) and ruby 5 Raids (20% damage). The wait times are 15 minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours for the bronze, silver, gold and ruby respectively. To speed up the timers it costs 5, 7, 10 or 15 reward points depending on the mastery level. It’s best to just wait.
Raids which add to progression but don’t master the Asset reward experience and 2 of crappy job loot items. This is also all you get once the Asset is owned. Raids in District 10 offer a 2.75 experience/stamina ratio.
Once you do the required number of Raids to do the damage to knock the health down to zero, you get a mastery item and a skill point. Mastering the bronze level will also grant the 10th and final district Medallion.
The circle for the 'Kill' spot that many of us have been curious about shows a 10 day timer for now [1].
When you master the bronze, silver, gold and ruby Asset Raid you also get a On A Wing You only get to keep the Bronze and Ruby items.
There are no so many Asset rewards that Zynga had to add a scroll bar to the Asset Raid instructions page.
In order to fully master each level, you need to do all of the jobs and master the Asset. Once you do that, you will get the mastery item and a Stanchion Rope. The Stanchion Rope is needed to upgrade the Palms Reserve. The  Volunteer Police grant a 5%, increase of Bucks from all jobs. This would have been useful if it was in one of the earlier districts.
The collection for District 10 is the Main Street Showdown Collection and you get +35 attack points for vaulting it. Zynga might want to look at their code because the last 2 collection images remain shadowed even if you one one.
District 10 only has 3 achievements. 1 for ruby mastering the district and 2 for mastering the Assets on the Bronze and Ruby levels.


  1. Oh boy, a "district" just like all the other recent releases... I got badges and trinkets as a child growing up in school. They are not much of a thrill as an adult. Every new city needs a higher ratio stamina job and a higher ratio energy job then the last city with no consumable requirements on the last tier. Events are being mostly ignored by me anymore, I don't play the game for events, I don't play the game for consumables, I don't play the game for collections or collecting, I don't play the game to beat everyone else, I don't play the game to "win" I don't play the game for family although I do participate to help thanks to peer pressure, I don't play the game to build anything. I play to relax, I play because I like to keep moving forward, I play what I know will be the result. Remember watching cartoons? You'd watch the same one over and over because you like it? Same with this game. Give me back all the old cities and I'd play this game many more years. The new cities just don't do it for me. New, is not better. end rant -Lonnie

  2. Well said mate. Come, I clap for you.

    Give me back Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok any time.

  3. I've no idea how many bucks are needed for this district, but I'm using tens of thousands harvesting the consumables, and I'm only getting around 600 bucks per level-up This is the critical item here it seems.


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