Aug 4, 2015

Ultimate Showdown with Hex Coming Soon


Zynga has some false advertising going on with what they call the Ultimate Show with Hex in Los Angeles. We are originally told to 'Complete Bronze Mastery of District 10' to unlock it. So the gunners go all out to do just that and then it's a different story. The Bronze Mastery popup says 'Brace yourself for the Ultimate Showdown with Hex. Coming Soon. This is a total buzz kill for the gunners. Zynga does throw a timer on the Medallion progress page so we can say that it will happen in 10 days. Loot items for the Showdown were added to the inventory and are shown below. There are 10 henchmen rewards with impressive stats and 10 statless items with special abilities. The special abilities are either '+20% attack in Los Angeles Ultimate Showdown' or '+20 defense in Los Angeles Ultimate Sowdown. Hopefully they will do something more creative and these items will get stats and have a variety of special abilities. We should gain access to this feature on August 14th at 2 am Zynga time.

Henchmen Loot Rewards
Possible Mastery Reward
Henchmen Without Stats (possible consumables)


  1. The reward loot is at least "good" stuff !!
    I think its gonna be a tough job to finish when you see all the consumbles!
    I hope it doesn't cost to much BK,cause that is still 1 of the hardest things in this city!

  2. Who cares if the gunners or rushes or power players need to wait, buhu, if that was my only problem in LA I would be more then happy, im not even done with gold in district 2 so I will probably never finish LA or the rest of MW, I dont even got my 1mill pesos in Mexico yet either, I barely got 300k before they rushed out with LA and LA is a stupidly hard district due to the stupid amount of money needed.


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