Jul 16, 2015

Urban Assault 10 Walkthrough


UPDATE: Players are reporting that some of their jobs are different from the ones listed here. Either there are different jobs for different accounts now or perhaps the Quest-o-Meter picked up some of the LA Mission jobs?

Thanks to Gloria Stevenson and the Quest-o-Meter, we can show you all the tasks for the 10th round of the Urban Assault Missions. This one is bad! There are 4 Los Angeles jobs and all of them need consumables! To make it worse one is in District 5 so those taking their time with Los Angeles may not be there yet. Zynga knows what they are doing. The rest of the tasks are what we expect from these Missions. The Missions will be unlocked to all players at 12am tomorrow. All jobs and consumables are shown below.

(click images to enlarge) Missions are numbered according to image above. 
Job List
Job 1: Chicago District 2
 Job 2: Brazil District 2
 Job 3: London District 2
 Job 4: Los Angeles District 4 (consumable required)
 Job 5: Mexico District 6
 Job 6: Los Angeles District 5 (consumable required)
 Job 7: Los Angeles District 1 (consumable required)
 Job 8: Brazil District 8
 Job 9: Los Angeles District 2 (consumable required)
 Job 10: Brazil District 5 (consumable required)

Consumable List

Farm in Los Angeles District 4
Farm in Los Angeles District 5
 Farm in Los Angeles District 1
 Farm in Los Angeles District 2
 Farm in Brazil District 5


  1. Do the numbers from 1 - 30 follow the same pattern as in the previous 9 UAs? To determine where on the path each task is...

    1. No they are the nodes numbers in the back code and not in any order. When I did them by hand in the past, I would put them in the order that I did them. Since I don't have VIP anymore, this was a great way to get the walkthrough posted before it's released.

    2. Okay, thank you :)

    3. Gloria posted an image with the node numbers. I added it to the top of this post.

    4. Awesome... that helps a LOT :) :)

  2. Thank you and your allies for the walk-through. This probably is like #100 on my priority list, now :) I'll see what loot I can pick up without the LA jobs. You saved me a bunch of time and turmoil!

  3. Pretty good job you have made for this walkthrough.I espacialy like the photo where all task are #

  4. I tried posting earlier, but my tasks are different.

    My #15 is "Host Happy Hours on Board"

    1. Here too , almost 30% of my tasks are different

  5. I had one node as build 2 armors from armory

  6. My #4 is job Fight Back When Coyotes Turn On You in Mexico. My # 10 is build 4 animals in private zoo. I have 12 more tasks to unlock, will let you know if I have any other differences when I get them activated.


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