Jul 16, 2015

Arena Conquest Coming Soon


There will another type of Arena Event coming soon [1]. This one is called Arena Conquest. We already have cycles of the Arena Smashup, Arena Rampage and Killer Instinct events. The Arena Supremacy and Family Kill-Fest events came and went never to be seen again. There are also 'Ice' events like Slaughter Season, Ice Board, Cartel Clash which players use the Arena to succeed. It will be interesting to see what Zynga comes up with. Whatever it is will most likely require lots of Power Ups and reward points! Without events, there probably isn't much action in the Arena and that is probably why we keep getting them. Zynga isn't going to let anything in Mafia Wars die without the good old college try.

Rub out your enemies for good.
Have no mercy! It’s almost time for Arena Conquest in Mafia Wars!
Never give in, never back down! Stay tuned for a conquest for prestige and power!


  1. Almost sounds like a playoff event?

  2. Even if it turns out not to be much fun for a player like me, at least it shows Zynga would prefer to keep the game alive. Hmmm... I wonder if it's time for me to suggest that Property / Extortion parts be added to the loot rewards for Arenas? It's not like the begging feeds are working ...

  3. I am tired of arena events. If I wanted to play a lame version of an old video game I'd go do that. Zynga loves the arena as do some players but for me, its not what the game was about and its boring and lame.

  4. Another super event for the super script users :/ No matter what this turns out to be... surely the scripts will ruin it and people will start whining on day 1

  5. I do mostly arenas. For me, it's the best way to level quickly and frequently, with a minimum of wasted energy & stam.


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