Jul 17, 2015

Urban Assault 10: Now Available for All Players


The 10th Urban Assault Missions are now available to all players. We have found different jobs on different accounts so the walkthrough may not match your tasks. Use the links below to try.

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  1. Exactly who the f*ck designed this urban assault? I click on 'Go Now' to get to an LA job and it takes me to Mexico, and now, I'm finishing things and the next one isn't opening. Right now, I try to load "Keep an Eye on John Steele" and it takes me to d. 6 in Mexico every single f*cking time! and I just finished "Loot white puffer (or whatever it was) in shootout arena" and the next part won't open. I have refreshed the game dozens of times, closed reopened browser, cleared cache and nothing f*cking works!! So sick of this shit.


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