Jul 17, 2015

Offshore Turfs 5 Secret District Now Available


The 5th Offshore Turfs Secret District is now available. This is the 3rd time that Zynga released one of these at the same time as a new Urban Assault Mission. The LA jobs with all the consumable requirements will make it hard to complete both events. The loot items are shown below and a walkthrough will be posted later.


  1. Is this secret district also going to be permanent, seems like they tricked us this way before to go past bronze.

    1. No these are always temporary. You are probably thinking of achievements for South Africa and Mexico where the Bonus District and District 11 later required achievements,

  2. I travelled òn this part yesterday and instead of the timer been 30 minutes it was 5 minutes and it's same today anyone else got same problem?


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