Jun 23, 2015

Marketplace Promotion Coming Soon


Another Marketplace Promotion is on the way. I couldn't identify a theme from the items. What are your guesses?

Frenzy Item
Mastery Items
VIP Mastery Items
Limited Time-Limited Edition Items


  1. I'd say it's a pretty obvious theme Jen. It's something to do with families. Family photographer and family line. The get along. As is families should get along. Hand in hand. Families would do this. Finally the spider the description says find the truth while camping. Camping being something a family would do. So defo something to do with families.

    Then the knife tick n tock are knives positioned like a clock face. Clocks go tick tock. So it could also indicate something to do with time. So time + family = family time? Spending time with the family?

    I don't think I'm far wrong with family time though that might be looking to far into it. It might just stop at the family thing that much is a given.

  2. The caption are wrong. They are the same that the conspiration items.


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