Jun 23, 2015

Limited Time Property 54 Loot Items


The loot items for the 54th Limited Time Property have been added to the inventory. Counting today, there are 2 days left on the VIP timer for the last Limited Time Property. It doesn't look like Zynga will give us a break and we will probably see it in game by the end of the week. I still couldn't find a larger image of the property but the comments on the last post were correct and it looks like another fighting themed property [1].

Unique Building Part
Mastery Item
Levels 1-3
Levels 4-6
Levels 7-10
Levels 11-15


  1. Ohhh goody just what we need another limited time property when we can only craft from 5 a day. Oh what fun we shall all have.

    1. I agree. It's fun trying to collect all the parts needed.

      It's weird that some people complain about this part of the game. Building properties has always been part of the game. So why did the complainers start playing if they don't like it?

    2. I disagree, not all of us have feeds which work 100%. For some of us it's difficult to achieve level 15 if you are not on the higher level VIP program.


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