Jun 18, 2015

Family Boss Fight: Family Experience Reward Update


Once all 5 of the bosses for the Family Boss Retribution event are defeated, the feature turns into the regular boss fight. According to the banner, the Family Experience reward does stay. If it works, you should get 17,500 every time you defeat the boss. Without spending reward points, you can do 1 Family Boss Fight per day. A total of 50,000 Family Experience points are granted for the entire event which is nice but it's not very helpful considering your family needs a total of 311,625,000 Family Experience to get to Level 15 [1]. One thing was odd, upon collecting the rewards for the final boss, the Family Experience didn't show up like it did for the other fights. This could be a display error or it could be worse. It's hard to tell as my family doesn't get Family Experience anymore as we are maxed in Family Progression. 

Boss #2
Boss #5: Missing Family Experience Reward?

1 comment:

  1. How do I follow my Family Experience points?
    I only know about the % progress which doesn't really move much.
    Andy Grecco


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