May 6, 2015

Offshore Turfs Secret District: Ciudad Del Carmen/St. Lucia


Zynga has seriously gone mad. The game is riddled with problems yet they release events as if everything is perfect. On top of the Urban Assault Missions and Arena Rampage event, we also get the Offshore Turfs Secret District. It will be a challenge to complete everything. It’s probably best to open up all of the Urban Assault Missions and deal with this event later. I will post more details once I start working on it. For now use the links below if you need more information. Zynga removed the FAQ for this event from the Player Support site but it’s reprinted on this blog. Hopefully that means there are changes for the better. I don’t even want to look at it at this time so please comment if you notice something is different.



  1. See like Zynga continues in desparating players? No continous extra game flow. Nothing or toooo much:
    - new disctricts you'll never finish (1 click per level-> Christmas)
    - Challenge Mission (where you have too few special loot items to finish earlier again)
    - SA shut down (which little players still have to finish)
    - new offshore tuff (where you won't be able to finish ruby boos in given time again)
    - Family Freud (where you should deliver 2000 ices/member to get a reward-> so what again)
    - Urban Assault (which will block loot drop for secret disctrict again)
    - Arena Ramp Page (which requires surely other goals then Assault again)
    - Lucky Card (where you don't get enough cards from feeds again- if you don't use scripts again)
    So Zynga want to repel the little and non-script using players, or what? So only auto-playing VIP members will stay? Good move Zynga.... again :'(
    Constantly refuseing to learn from his faluts normally doesn't lead to a good thing. They will learn when it's too late only. Sad.

  2. Zynga can take the Express train to Nopesville. ;)


  3. i love MW playing it for years but lately i am getting pissed off with it thinking about giving it up all together ,, shame on zynga


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