May 6, 2015

1 Free Bassoonist


Tha Mafia Wars App is giving us 1 free Bassoonist with stats of 273/336. The request can be found on the Notification page. Not all players get these for reasons unknown. Thanks to Vesna Marjanovic for posting on our fan page.



  1. I NEVER get these things! -_-

  2. It's like the Pizza Man? You'll get the Bassoonist only if you buy RP for 50% discount? Click on the notification but nothing received :'(. Nor Pizza Man!

  3. Has this loot item been used for something else before or was it just delayed for a really long time before it's release? I mean seriously look at the ID code on that thing. it's over 2,000 ID numbers out dated of the new secret district in LA.

  4. Bassoonist? Really? That's about the most non-mafia thing they could think of! I want one desperately, but only because I play bassoon and have a real one. Might have to see how it does whacking people.


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