May 11, 2015

Hope for Better Servers?


Back in the day when Zynga had millions of people playing their games, they decided it would be cheaper to handle their own data centers instead of paying Amazon to do it. It was stated in last weeks conference call to investors that Amazon would once again run their data centers and may explain the 18% reduction in their work force as well as why they shut down so many games [1]. Thanks to a reduction in cloud computing costs and the decline in popularity of their games, it will now be cheaper for Zynga to outsource their server needs. As many Mafia Wars players can attest, whatever they are doing right now sucks. It’s almost impossible to load the game on the first try and if Amazon can do a better job than this will be a welcomed change. Hopefully Zynga will pay Amazon for Mafia Wars and not just their popular games. Thanks to Jo Gilliam for the picture of the real Zynga Servers and to Edward Larson for the one depicting his own version (and for finding this inspiring article from the Wall Street Journal).

Zynga Servers
Behind The  Glass


  1. who really cares anymore after 7 years of play its a joke unless you spend money which i stopped doing for this loser of a game

  2. It always amazes me that so many people who claim to have quit the game or have given up on the game still come here to comment. If you truly didn't care you would stop reading about it and certainly wouldn't spend time commenting. It's like you are unhappy that others still play. Funny stuff.

  3. This is a lot of Zynga's issue right here. They have no idea what they wanna do.

    MW is a classic example. They said they where gonna merge Yahoo Pulse and Myspace players games together. Then they decided against it closed them down and ported them to FB. They decided on closing Cuba but then wanted to reopen it for a 2 week event. It's not just MW either. Empires and Allies. Close it down then remake it as a totally different game.

    Even there forums are a good example of that. First they wanna ignore people there. Then they complain people aint using them enough. Then when they do they decide on having a get satisfaction page instead. Then that gets closed and people end up back on the forums. The forums are then changed to a format people don't like then start being ignored again. Then they switch the customer service into a mini help forum where players can help each other.


    Damn idiots needs to make up there mind once in a while. I don't think since it was made in 2007 Zynga has ever made a decision and stuck with it rather than changing there mind then going back again then picking something else then going back to option 2 then saying yet another option is coming but then ignoring it and starting back from the start again without telling anyone. They had hundreds of millions of users at one stage but no one ever knew if they where coming or going because Zynga always confused them so much. So they decided to be going. FOR GOOD!

  4. it amazes me that people talk about people that play the game and comment and claim they dont but still come here to comment

  5. I enjoy playing mafia wars. I hope Zynga will be able to meet the demands needed on the servers in whatever way works. Personally, I'd love to see them just focus on the games that have proven to have the most demand, rather than being too spread out for quality. Good Luck Zynga.
    Da Blonde

  6. I still play, still enjoy it (even though the development is schizophrenic and the owner a sociopath) I play the parts I enjoy, ignore the parts I don't and always help on family events. Its still a way to relax and enjoy some free, mind numbing time away from real life. I also play from mafiawars dot com and not facebook, too many whiners on facebook anymore.

  7. Facebook in general has jumped the shark here in my area of south Ontario Canada. A great many of my childrens teen social group use Facebook as a third or farther down means of staying in touch. Games like Mafia Wars are to them anachronistic and OCD games like Candy Crush are most firmly in the hands of the peri-menopausal moms of those teens. As to the servers Z had two choices. Move their data to Amazon or sell the servers and their management to Amazon then renting them back. Given their choice I think speakes volumes to the value of that equipment.


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