May 11, 2015

Farewell to South Africa


South Africa is officially 'Locked Out' but it remains on the Travel Bar.

Attempts to travel to South Africa will result in a lackluster popup letting you know that 'The Sun Has Set Here'
The 4 South Africa items on the Free Gift Page have been replaced with Brazil items which is smack in the face to the players. Zynga could have added Los Angeles items but I guess they don’t want us to get anything useful for free. For a look at what is gone now that South Africa is closed, go here. For an alternate way to serial level in Mexico, go here.


  1. there should be a free gift from zynga soon, a refill bucket of fu##s for us each to use, because I for sure, have run right out.....

  2. Those Brazil items will be very useful for the flood of new players rushing to join the game..

  3. I think the closing of SA might well be MW suicide for Zynga.

  4. Well it was fun while it lasted. Unless Zynga does something to the energy requirements in LA, this game is history.

  5. This should have been a closing for the entire game not just SA. This game is terrible, and those still playing it are just in denial and simply cant let go because of all the time they have invested. It's like a bad relationship, and its time to let go and move on folks. Stop giving money to these fools and have some self respect. Besides its better to end it on your terms then theirs.

    1. lol, I think you are so right. I play because it has become a daily habit that I can't easily quit. I do hope the game closes in the near future. It would in fact be a great relief. I read comments being made, and nothing good can be said about the game now. I mean, the game has always had its share of complainants, but many of the complaints were benign (to scam reward points, mostly) or were easily fixed.

      There was a time when zynga did listen to players, and my guess is that spoke in the form of higher revenues for them. I believe now, most of the outrage from players is fully justified. I stopped spending money on the game when it became apparent that zynga was going to do what it likes, without any regard for player enjoyment of the game. The whole point of a game is for a user to be entertained and gain enjoyment, and zynga has fully ignored this. This game really could have continued to make a lot of money for zynga, if only they had listened to players. Every decision they have made for at least the past two years has been completely absurd, and you have to wonder what type of imbecile is making them. Are they purposely trying to get the game closed? Seems like it.

    2. I havent given any money to that greedy company for a few years now and don't plan on it in the future either. SA was great because of the job ratios in D10, now they take it away so people cant level as much and to slow down people.

  6. The sad irony here is people were having fun.Regaurdless of what they were doing here.Through all of the frustration and confusion and dismay.
    people were squeezing a little fun out of the the fun has been replaced with anger.Way to go Zinga.You get a gold stat


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