Apr 5, 2015

VIP Diamond Benefits Review


It’s officially month 37 of the VIP Membership Program and those who have been subscribed since the day 1 (and spent $923.89) will received the Diamond benefits today. If you signed up at a later time you will get them as soon as you pay your bill for the 37th time. Although the benefits aren’t anything great and some are even a joke, the addition of getting an extra reward point with the Daily Fix brings the total number of reward points you get each month to 305. If you would normally purchase over $25 in reward points each month than it’s worth it to stay subscribed as the normal cost of reward points during a 50% off sale is $25 for 215. If you don’t want to spend any money on Mafia Wars than these benefits wouldn’t be incentive to do so. Zynga needs to change the home page! A Diamond Module has been added to the home page and is the default. This creates an extra click to get to the Property Module and many chances for VIP subscribers to miss asking for property parts. A breakdown of the Diamond benefits are outlined in this post. To review the other tiers of benefits use the links below. Thanks to Lynn Amber for posting the popup image below on our fan page. Many never got it.

Zynga went all out to make sure players know they have reached the Diamond level. In addition to the popup shown above, an entire module was added to the home page. Unfortunately it is the default so now you have to perform an extra click just to get to the property module. It’s annoying and certainly isn’t a benefit. Zynga should change this immediately so the default continues to be the property module.
They also added more tabs to the Marketplace so I don’t see the point of splashing this stuff all over the home page as well.
In case you miss the popup or all the new tabs in the game, the home page banner will also alert you that the VIP Membership Program exists. It’s a bit overkill.
Going through the benefits one by one …
Reaching the Diamond tier gets you +375 attack skill and +375 defense skills. When combined with the other tiers the total is +1,575 on each side. If you cancel your subscription you will lose these.
You also get an additional +7,500 added to your mafia attack and +7,500 added to your mafia defense. Combined with the other tiers the total is now +30,000 on each side. As with the skill points you will lose these as well if you cancel. The extra +12,000 that shows up on the fight page is from the Family Properties.
You get 1 Harbinger of Supremacy for free. Each week the stats of this item increase by +1. In the big picture this really isn’t a big deal. My current scores are 738,997 and 734,768 so the entire item doesn’t really do much. If you cancel your subscription you do get to keep it and the stats will still increase each week.
Zynga calls it a benefit and if you want you can purchase 4 more of these things for $109.00 each! Because of what’s stated above, I don’t think this is worth it.
The next batch of ‘benefits’ have to do with what Zynga is calling deals. None of them is better than the free 2X Property Builds so it's kind of insulting that they would even add them. Deals can be purchased form the home page, the Marketplace and the weekly popup. The bundle popup has changed and the deals are added at the bottom.
At first glance, the Diamond Deal sound great. Many will think that 50 reward points will get them 100 2X builds but that’s not the case. You need to spend 50 reward points to unlock the ‘deal’. The additional 50 reward points one needs to spend makes the VIP 2X Property Builds not a good deal. Anything above a 1:1 ratio of skill points gained to rewards points spent is not better than waiting for the free 2X Property Builds. What is concerning about the question of whether Zynga will do away with the free ones. If they don’t, save your 50 reward points and wait. You can activate this from the popup, the Marketplace, the VIP Benefits tab and the Properties tab on the home page. Once again, Zynga goes overboard. These things should be in 1 spot, not all over the game. It’s an eye sore.
Once you spend the 50 reward points, the 2X Property Builds work the same as the free ones. To get the best deal, you need to buy 100 of these things and that comes out to 1,250 reward points to gain 1,200 skill points and possibly some useful loot items. Once activated, you only get 1 hour. The hilarious thing about this is that manual players couldn’t craft 200 times (100 X 2) in 1 hour. The game is too slow and in order to get 100 2X crafts in the time allotted, you need to use scripts. If I were a manual VIP subscriber, I would throw a fit about the time limit.
The next deal is one that was introduced with the Emerald tier of benefits. Back then you could buy 50 of a determined set of skill points, it increased to 75 skill points on the Platinum tier and now it’s 100 points. The deal is good because you get a 1:1 ratio of skill points to reward points spend but you don’t get any loot items or a choice of which skill you want. For this reason free 2X Property Builds are still better. You can still choose which deal you want but you can only purchase 1 per week.
Crates will always be a minimum of 30% off. If you wait for a Marketplace sale than the older generation of Crates are only 5 or 6 reward points so for those who are patient, this isn’t a better deal than the one you get for free is. If you normally buy the most recent Crates during the sales than this means you will no longer need to wait for the deal but you won’t get the extra items that come with Marketplace Promotion purchases so in the long run it’s best to wait and we can call this another non-benefit.
The next benefit is a good one as it increases the number of additional reward points you get for the month. Assuming you are on the Ruby Tier of the Daily Fix, you will get 1 extra reward point per day that you collect. This adds to the total of the 50 each week and 75 each month of renewal. Depending on the month and if you collect daily, this comes to 28-31 extra reward points. 2X the loot is a joke because if you are maxed on VIP loot the Daily Fix loot doesn’t help you.
The last benefit is the addition of 4 extra Crew Members every 8 hours. With all the news feed issues this could be useful but at least you can get Crew Members from the ZMC. The Crew members sit on top of the queue and are used first. The queue for Diamond subscribers is now 36 instead of 32. This is cool but overall not very useful.


  1. Thanks brilliant write up........ Brilliant

  2. It makes me laugh in as much as Zynga still give you att/def points when this is no longer a fighting game..

  3. Thank you for all the effort you put into this blog--I find it very informative

  4. It looks like mostt the the "benefit" of the Diamond level is the ability for players to spend a lot more money one reward points and make Zynga more money

  5. Damn... this new default setting on the home page is REALLY annoying. I hope they get a tonnes of complaints about that and change it back. Or give people the option to set which screen they wanna have as their deafult.

    Do over, Zynga... NOT good

  6. Wow Zynga's taking you lot for a ride. A ride all the way to the bank that is.


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