Apr 5, 2015

Urban Assault Los Angeles: All Rewards


The rewards for completing the Urban Assault: Los Angeles Missions are worth the frustration. The nice part about it is that there are no time limits. With Los Angeles being such a crappy destination, the Missions may help to motivate players to work on it.  If you complete all 50 Missions you will end up with 34 loot items, +27 reward points, +83 skill points and 15 Arena Power Ups. The special ability of the mastery item is kind of a joke and demonstrates that Zynga is out of touch with what is realistic in the game. A review of the rewards and how to get them is shown below. For a list of all the Mission tasks, the current Urban Assault Mission walkthrough can be found here.

Along the way you will get experiences bonuses (based on level), loot items, reward points, skill points and Arena Power Ups for collecting from the 10 Reward Stations. Each Reward Station has 3 collection points (Bullets 1, 2 and 3). A more detailed view of the loot items can be found here.
You get to keep all 3 tiers of each Reward Station loot item.
To get the 3 Target Rewards, you need to do what’s listed below.
Once you gun down the Scuba Diver, you will get the Target Reward which is a Soaking Sun.
According to the game, the Street-Wise Target requires that you ‘Complete at least one task at all the Stations’. This means you need to complete all 20 Mission Stations and collect the first bullet on all 10 Reward Stations. When you do, you will get a Limb Lever.
The last target goal is the Reputation Target. This one requires that you complete all 20 Mission Stations, which you have already done if you got the 2nd Target Reward, and collect 3 Bullets each on all 10 Reward Stations. In other words, you need to complete everything. Once you do, you will get a Solar Installer.
In addition to the decent stats, the Solar Installer has a very limited special ability. For 30 days, you will get 100 Bucks per day. The reward kicks in the day after you earn the item. There isn’t any indication that you are getting this cash. Zynga should add to the bank so players as least know they are getting something. I had to wait an extra day to determine if the cash is added inside or outside the bank because I couldn’t even tell if I had earned it. The images below are taken before and after the reset time and as you can see the 100 Bucks gets directly deposited with no laundering fees. Not that this will matter as 100 Bucks doesn’t do much for you in Los Angeles.
Once you complete all the Missions, the home page banner will disappear but you can access the Mission page at anytime because the icon remains on the Missions Bar. Since this isn’t a timed event, I guess it will remain indefinitely. As far as City Missions are concerned, this is the first destination in which the Missions can be accessed from any destination as the icon does not disappear when you travel outside of Los Angeles. It will be interesting to see what happens if there is ever another timed Urban Assault Mission. I guess we will have more than one icon to click. I’m also curious to see how long they keep the ‘NEW’ label on top of the icon.

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