Apr 15, 2015

Tribute Collection Bug


UPDATE: This has been fixed.

Zynga is going to need to fix the Eggclusive Easter Basket collection removal bug before they release the South Africa Tribute collection [1]. The reason the Eggclusive Basket collection is missing is because they used the same image link for the Tribute Collection. If you go to an account that didn’t vault the Eggclusive Basket Collection, you will find progress for the Tribute collection is exactly the same as it was left. Those who did vault the collection will see that it ‘Bonus Received’. If this isn’t corrected by the time the collection items become available in the game than those who vaulted the Eggclusive Basket collection won’t be able to vault this one. Those who haven’t will have a much easier time of it.



  1. For what it's worth...I had vaulted the Easterbasket collection so the Tribute collection is showing "bonus received". The "reward" is not showing in my inventory.

    Hubby had not vaulted the basket collection. He WAS able to vault the Tribute collection and the reward is showing in his inventory

  2. Please,in which job / district / country get the pieces of tribute? Thanks


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