Apr 15, 2015

Missing Eggsclusive Basket Collection


UPDATE: The collection has been added back.
UPDATE: The reason for this can be found here.

When Zynga added the Tribute Collection to the Special Collections page, the Eggsclusive Basket collection disappeared. This happened with the Hats Off Collection and it was added back a few days after players started to report it was gone [1], [2]. Stuff like this isn’t a big deal but many players like to see what they have done in the game. It would be nice if they cleaned up the game and made more sections for all these collections but the removal of just 1 collection isn’t exactly cleaning house.



  1. I think they copy pasted right over our basket collection and that is why some say bonus received when nothing has been done.

  2. Im still pissed off that they removed the little section in our MW profile page that showed you finished 4/5 or whatever collections in Cuba, Moscow , Bangkok.. I mean com' on, if you still show 0/0, what is so hard or so much space to leave (For the ones who did it), what we actually achieved ? Some of us actually are proud of past accomplishments and the fact we have been here along time...not sure for how much longer though.

    1. I know zynga had 18 hours on the timer for egg basket collecting last time I was on-I had to go out of town that evening and didnt get back for 2 days. I would have thought that they would have given us a couple of days to collect and turn in.Is there a valid phone # or an email I can complain to that would actually listen to me and show any human feeling and try to help not only me but all the others that were unable to collect and vault ? If you have info or help plese contact me at lisagramling@yahoo.com or http://Lisa Gramling/facebook.com


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