Apr 2, 2015

The Impossible Level 5 Palms Reserve


When it came to upgrading the bank in South Africa, Mexico and presumably Los Angeles, players had to wait for Zynga to release more districts. All 3 destinations have the same copy/paste type of bank and the item you can only get from mastering each level of each district was what held back progress. You need 20 Vault Codes for the Rykdom Bank [1], 20 Vault Doors for the Banco Dorado [1] and 20 Stanchion Ropes for the Palms Reserve [1]. Since you can only get 4 per district, it wasn’t possible to upgrade the banks in South Africa or Mexico until you fully mastered District 5. This was a real buzz kill in South Africa because the 2nd wave of releases only included District 4. We had to wait until 2 extra months for District 5 to come out. You need 222 of the other parts to fully upgrade these banks. You can only get 4 every 18 hours (assuming your feeds are working properly) and that comes out to about 42 days if you don’t use reward points. Due to the difficulty of Los Angeles, I’m sure Zynga will dump more districts on us well before we are ready but if you want to upgrade the Palms Reserve before District 5 is here, it may be possible. Thanks to a bug, getting more Stanchion Ropes isn’t an issue. Every day I get more and more and I have no idea why. Since Bucks are so hard to acquire, there really isn’t a need to upgrade your bank. Capacity doesn’t appear to be an issue!

I noticed something wasn’t right once I had over 20 Stanchion Ropes. I’m not sure what is causing more to be added but each day the total grows.
Even if you upgrade your bank to it’s full capacity, you still get more of these things.


  1. Yup, upgrading is rediculous, almost impossible to get any money

    1. fight, been working slowly upgrading city store to 30

  2. I do not have any extras,neither does any of my family..

  3. If you figure out the "bug", it is one I wouldn't mind catching :D

    Kathie E

  4. Maybe it is just for people who finished LA? I am on bronze and still have 0.

  5. Must be nice....I don't have that "bug" on any of my accounts. :(

  6. What triggers the bug to give me Stanchions? I have only the ones from mastering districts.

  7. http://prntscr.com/6ouguq I thought I was seeing things.

  8. The bug is from Freida, the good F_ckup Fairy of the North. The one who hates Zynga ... :)

  9. Mexico bank is fully upgraded, but still not maxed with money. I didn't many extra jobs to have some extre consumabels for upcoming event, but not sure if i would have the million on the bank. I didn't see any sense of having extra Pesos (besides reward). With huge need of consumables with all costs bucks, there would be any time to farm bucks before finishing districts. Would be crazy as the money dropps easier in Ruby... So I wouldn't worry about this. ;-)

  10. had 2 yesterday, which was right. 6 when i logged in today, and now Stanchion...
    26/5 the boogers are breeding! :)


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