Apr 2, 2015

Easter Eggsploit Feed Rules


Starting with the Easter Eggselence 2 years ago, there have been a total of 5 of these collection events [1]. The Easter Eggspolit event is the latest to garner confusion for the players. Nowhere in the instructions are the rules for the feeds explained.  Looking at the 2 images below, it’s easy to see why players think there is a bug. Although grouped in 1 category, the feeds actually have 2 components. Each time you ask for Easter Baskets, you will get 10 (assuming your feeds are working) and you can ask 3 times per day to receive a maximum of 30. You can get 15 more by clicking on requests generated by others. When players do this and are told they are maxed it appears as if something is wrong. Zynga should clarify this in the instructions to reduct the number of support inquiries. It didn’t help matters that this event was released 6 hours after the timer started. If you didn’t ask for Easter Baskets before 8:00AM than it will be impossible to get 30 parts. This has added to the confusion because most players won’t max on the feeds yet they will get the message that they are maxed. At the very least, Zynga owes us 10 Easter Baskets or they need to extend the timer by 6 hours.



  1. Lets all try and calm ourselves down just a bit, lol... we can collect a total of 2100 baskets for this event, assuming we collect every basket. And to complete this even we only need 1725. Now, if my math skills serve me right, that leaves us with room to miss out on 375 baskets - or 31 baskets a day to be exact, so "losing" 10 on day 1 hardly sets anyone back :) And this "feed issue" is hardly an issue either. People are just becoming lazy script zombies who are unable to think for themselves. We know we can post 3 times a day and get 10 baskets (which makes it 30) so it doesn't really take a rocket scientist to figure out how many we can collect from other people's feeds, lol (15, yup, you guessed correctly)

    How this has been allowed to become such a HUGE issue is beyond me. Only reason I can think of is, ass stated earlier in this post, that everyone who uses scripts (which is about 99.8% of all players) are SO incredibly lazy and used to not think about anything anymore, that they just don't have a clue as to how the game works anymore.

    Calm don and think - it doesn't kill ya. And if the game is too hard and too difficult to play - maybe it's time to quit? Just a thought. A 10-yr old can play this game and understand how it works after 1 event. But still thousands of people NEVER get anything, no matter how many of the same event we have - that can only be due to people not caring - but yet they care enough to complain... try spending half as much energy in trying to understand the game as you put into complaining about how unfair things are... then maybe things will be a little easier ;)

    Happy Easter everyone

  2. Right- but missing here and there some of the max baskets isn't fun neither. And most of us don't match their live style with MW, so only 2 posts per day= -120 beaskets (69%). 55 can be missed only so. Then the gifting process- After 4 gifted basket received -" You can't accept another basket before".
    And as the basket from the feeds are nearly always maxed- maxed by those who farming more feed basket a needed "you send a basket... but you received you max amount .." Not an easy -or a very time consuming- job here, too.
    So again- it will a hard time to finish. You can't miss much - or you have to set your alarm clock for MW.
    Happy Easter everyone

    1. True... but Zynga can't coordinate the game with every single player... it ill be different for everyone... some have 15 hours of playing time a day, others have way less... that's how it is. Zynga never promised everyone that all events could be finished by everyone regardless of the time hey put in. Is it also unfair that the rich buy loot and skill points to make their accounts stronger? No... that's how it is... people spend whatever time and money they feel like... and we get whatever don with whatever time we spend.

      And these baskets are 3 for 1 RP which is a decent offer. But remember... it's a game and not everyone will be able to do the same. Time and money are different for all of us and like I said, we spend whatever we feel we wanna spend, but we all have the same possibilities in the game. It's just a matter of the time you wanna spend.There you have it :)

      And last I looked no-one said it would be easy... and you can thank the scripts for the feed maxes... but I promise you, if you devote yourself and put in the hours this game requires, you can finish every event. But most choose to devote more time to the real world than here and forfeit certain events on that account. and that's how it is :)

  3. You can click the feed links from people who are NOT your friend on fb and get a basket also, i just tried and it worked and im not friend with the person i tried on.


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