Apr 19, 2015

South Africa Shutdown Guide


South Africa was released on August 8, 2013 [1]. The addition of a mysterious collection, loot items and layout changes led to the discovery of server images pointing to the fact that this destination will be shutting down forever [1], [2], [3]. South Africa hasn’t even been around for 2 years and many don’t see the logic as to why this destination will be closed before some of the more useless ones like Brazil, Chicago and London. Some suspect Zynga wants to slow down the serial levelers. Others think maybe there was an exploit in South Africa and this is Zynga’s solution of a fix. Regardless of the why, the extra time gained from the warning post until the shutdown event begins will be useful to many. Whether you need to finish the destination or make preparation to choose a different one for normal game play, the time to start working on it is now. There are a lot of skill points and achievements to be earned in South Africa and if you have been putting it off you may regret it later. The guide below is a brief overview of what you should be working on and sort of a tribute to South Africa. Perhaps the advance warning will create enough outcry for Zynga to change their minds but something tells me that is wishful thinking.

August 8, 2013
Sometime Soon, 2015shutdown2


Joburg: Bonus District

South Africa Terrain

These will surely be missed…
City Missions

southafricamissions mission12rewards


Rand will no longer be of any use and you won’t be able to access what you have earned. There is no sense in saving it or upgrading the Rykdom Bank if you haven’t already done so.
If you have been stashing your Rand into the Bank of Meester Z, you might as well spend the rest. If you don’t spend it, Zynga will take it. The City Store items in South Africa are no longer useful but at least your Rand won’t go into a black hole.

Power Jobs

The Power Job feature is unique to the ruby level of District 10 in South Africa [1]. Script users won’t notice the absence of this feature but when doing jobs manually it’s very nice. Hopefully Zynga will add it to Mexico.

Stamina Jobs

The 3 stamina jobs of South Africa will definitely be missed. They are something to spend your currency on and provide good ratios. We need more stamina jobs in the game.

What Now?

If you have done everything in South Africa than all you need to do is wait for the shutdown event and prepare to level in Mexico [1]. It’s not quite the same but it will be all we have as far as stamina jobs.


  1. If Zynga cared about Goodwill to its players, perhaps they could allow a currency conversion....say, every $10K of Rands would automatically be converted into $10...or even $1...of Mexico cash. That would be an awesome gesture...With the SA bank maxed at $1M, they would cap the amount of LA Bucks distributed to each player...and it might actually create a bit of a buzz in LA at the same time...a "win-win"???

    1. Hahahahaha, who let the comedian in?? Convert SA cash gained by cheating into other currencies?? hahahahaha... yeah, good one... that wouldn't be unfair AT all... Zynga is crap at running this game, but I sure as hell am glad that none of you guys (cheaters) are running it, RFLMFAO

    2. What gives you the right to call other people cheaters?

    3. How is collecting money in any city cheating ? I have millions in most cities, losing that through no fault of mine, and with no recourse, is quite unfair.

    4. The fact that I know people cheat and the fact that I am a human being with freedom of speech and the right to state my opinion on matters... give me the that right.

      But of course, those using scripts don't see it as cheating... but as being very skillful - but my take on it is a little different. When you have a computer program doing all your fighting for you and have up to 20 accounts... and use the 19 of those 20 accounts to run automated 24-7 to gather currency, and then use your main, which also runs automated to attack your 19 fake accounts to get the currency they gathered... that to me is cheating and NOT being a skillful player... sorry to say that. But, like someone else in here stated earlier... you can't reason with script abusers... it's impossible, as they don't see script abuse as cheating. So, you have your take on the matter... and I have mine.

      And while on the subject... what gives anyone the right to call someone a whiner for venting his/hers opinion in here? Not saying you did that... but lots are... I have a right to vent my opinion - and in my opinion, abusing scripts to help you play is cheating... so, there you have it...

      ... and collecting money in any city isn't cheating... but when you have 20 accounts running 24-7 using scripts to collect money and you have your main account attack those 20 fake accounts to take that money... you're cheating. Since FB and Zynga only allow you to have ONE account and the using of third party applications are not allowed... I would say that qualifies as cheating.

      but hey, it's just one persons opinion here... and of course I'm just jealous and whining... right? :P

    5. It still doesn´t give you the right to call other people cheaters. Who are you to judge other people?

    6. You're judging me...what gives YOU that right? Aren't you being hypocritical? you're judging med for judging someone else, lol... that's funny. But if someone admittedly cheats... I will call it as I see it. Sorry if you feel offended by that... but maybe you're too sensitive... if you feel offended on other people's behalf for being called something everyone already know's... lighten up and just have fun. And let me repeat myself... I live in a free world... and I have the right to say anything I want, without having you or anyone else tell me any different. I wonder where you live since you have this radical view on what people's rights are... but I have a pretty good guess ;) And I'm still not judging anyone... I am merely stating the obvious. Using scripts to gain an unfair advantage IS cheating... and if you don't see it that ay, well, then that's your prerogative.

      Wikipedia defines cheating as follows:

      Cheating is the getting of a reward for ability by dishonest means or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation ... A "cheat" does not have to cheat all the time, but once faced with a challenge that they do actually want to win, they will go back to their cheating strategies.

      And I rest my case :)

    7. Well, maybe you're cheater yourself. How are we to know?

    8. It doesn't really worry me whether one has 1 or 20 accounts.
      When I play Zynga often make me reset my game saying that I have been there too long. How do these players manage to bypass this?

      If I was aloud to have an effect on this game. I would only let a player have 1 screen open (other games do that - that prevents a lot of advantage)
      As for the scripts all that is needed is for Zynga to re set the game at unpredictable timings - that will sort out the men from the boys.
      If you are one of those that have these different accounts - what do you gain?
      This is 1 of the few games that whatever others do has no effect on my game, they cold be on level x or level y, top of the leader boar, millions of kills whatever my game just goes on.

      By the way by being anonymous you have done yourself a favour, I didn't and got loads of abuse for saying the I could see the point a player that had done some great achievement in an impossible time was pointless.

      What I find strange is that Zynga does nothing to prevent the use of these scripts - need I say more?

  2. I think this is all a trick by President Elena. Zynga does't really want to go to all the trouble of replacing the SA parts in the Gift Center, nor putting new zonk items in the Daily Shuffle. That's too much work.

  3. another thing you can now use rand for is to heal your health with as well.

    1. You can use any currency

  4. If Zynga is shutting down South Africa why are the Rand and South Africa items ( I hate them, I have plenty) still on the Shuffle? I will really miss the stamina and energy I get when I collect on my properties.

    1. I'm guessing the Rand is still in the shuffles because SA is not actually closed yet.

  5. South Africa was the first destination where I made sure to farm loot before mastering bronze districts and collected a lot of rand and was ready to use all the loot for future missions, figures it would be shutdown

  6. Brasil is still very useful. In fact, of all the cities, it gives the best energy and stamina boosts. I believe it gives roughly 50% increase in both stamina and energy, every 8 hours. Brasil boosts come in very handy for those of us who have good xp ratios but are not quite self-leveling. I would be irate if they closed Brasil. I don't spend a lot of time in SA but I would prefer they keep SA over Chicago. At least SA has good xp and a little bit extra in energy and stamina, every 8 hours. Chicago has nothing except a stupid health boost. All a health boost will do, if you're in a war or battle, is prolong you getting iced one time. Persistent attackers (like me) will delight when someone activates a health boost because it lengthens the agony of getting iced. Apart from the joy in imagining your opponent's panic when they activate Chicago health and you don't stop attacking, it is useless.

  7. If they wanted to be helpful in any way at all to the players they would have closed NY first. We wouldn't lose crafting as they come under the global sub-tab on the properties page. Then they'd have closed Chicago. A health refill really isn't that helpful. It also goes against the need of Zynga. they put a heal gradient on healing to stop people from being un-iceable. Then they would choose Brazil before London As although energy and stamina are helpful not as much as London's better ratio's AND free skill points from crafting daily.

    If they wanted to keep the game around long into the future they wouldn't close anything and bring back Cuba, Manhattan, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Atlantic City,Italy and Washington D.C.


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