Apr 19, 2015

Bone House Bugs Fixed: Robbing Now Available


When District 5 of Los Angeles was released, the Bone House was added to the game [1]. It was clearly available for building and upgrading but due to bugs it served no purpose. It behaved as if it wasn’t even there. It was omitted from the Los Angeles Gangland page, it wasn’t on the home page and you couldn’t collect from it. It didn’t even show up on the Robbing Boards and wasn’t available for target specific attacks. All these bugs have been fixed and the property will now do what it’s supposed to. The details that I couldn’t post in the Bone House Walkthrough are shown below. Thanks to Shu Yun Zheng for letting me know that the Bone House became robbable at 12am this morning.

You can now collect from the Bone House of the home page or the Los Angeles Property page.
Bone Houses can now be robbed. They are available for target specific robbing and also appear on the Robbing Boards. The Robbing Boards are still overpopulated with Banquet Halls and you will be lucky to find 1 Bone House per 10 Robbing Boards. This is probably because not many players have built their Bone Houses yet.
Bone Houses require 20 stamina to rob and they payout 40 experience if you win and 24 if you lose. The experience/stamina ratios are 2.0 for the win and 1.67 for the lose. You get extra experience when you clear a Robbing Board so Los Angeles robbing ratios may end up being a little better than the other destinations (not counting New York) once all the properties are released and more players have built them.
Target specific robbing doesn’t have much to offer. You will get 20 experience if you win (ratio=1.0) and 12 if you lose (ratio=0.6).
Other than to piss someone off there isn’t a real reason to target rob somebody. If you choose, you can keep robbing until the property health is at 0.
If you find your Bone House has been robbed, collect from it and everything will look normal again.
Unlike with the Banquet Hall, you won’t lose anything if you are robbed. Banquet Hall robs result in a 90% decrease of the take [1]. This doesn’t appear to be the case with the Bone House.
I noticed a funny bug in the Player Updates. When your Bone House is robbed, it says that the robber ‘made off with 1 of your My Precious’. Obviously they are referring to the Brazil Precious Collection.  It’s hilarious because we never were able to rob those gems even though the in game instructions still say we can. There is a lot Zynga could do to make robbing more fun. If the game behaved as described than maybe there would be more incentive to rob. It’s a big snooze fest in it’s current state.


  1. Bone House? Should I even ask what people do in a bone house?

  2. Robbing would be good if it was how it used to be. Properties could be robbed to the ground. Family and clan wars where won and lost with this feature many times. Now wars last forever because it's just icing.

    Though maybe with everyone having much more stamina than they used to do maybe some additional buttons wold be needed. rob all. obvious what it would do. burn. Burn a property to the ground in 1 click. burn all. A combination of the 2 above buttons.

    And of course keeping stamina costs for robbing as they are now back when it was 1 stamina per 1 rob it was ok at the time but again now with so much extra stamina around keeping them in bulk would be a better option. fast stamina draining plus the ability to really do a lot of damage again. That would be excellent if all 50+ of the limited time properties became robbable under these changes. That way the robbing boards would never become empty because everyone has hundreds of thousands of stamina and is robbing with it all the time.


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