Apr 13, 2015

Missing Daily Shuffle


UPDATE: It's back.

Around 1AM Zynga time, the Daily Shuffle disappeared from the game. If you find requests in the news feeds, they return an error. The last time the Daily Shuffle was pulled it was due to an exploit [1]. This is either a bug or the feature was removed intentionally. If it was removed intentionally there was either another exploit or Zynga just decided to remove it. Since they rarely remove things in the game (ie, Trader Goh), I would guess the feature has been exploited again if the removal was intended.



  1. i clicked a friends's posted shuffle from yesterday. i chose one, and was able to shuffle mine with it re-appearing in it's usual spot in the game. hope that helps.

  2. OT - Zynga still has not fixed the glitch that allows folks to join others' mafia without invite or without permission. This problem if not fixed will soon end the game more so than the almost in finite list of other examples of zynga's incompetence. The solution to this problem is quite simple. For those accounts that over and over join a mafia after being kicked out, they should be banned permanently.

  3. The daily shuffle is back and they fixed the mega shuffle 16 RP exploit. No more doubling our RP. Bummer.

    1. Would you care to elaborate on this? I hadn't heard anything about it.

  4. I never saw any interruption to daily shuffle.

    But I'm intrigued by the mention of the 16RP exploit. Presumably what Zynga was fixing. Though I always assumed that the 16RP shuffle item was just a tease, as I've never got one on any of my accounts, nor seen anyone else saying they got it. I thought it was just a myth.


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