Apr 8, 2015

Meet The New Family Boss: Valentino Vandetti


Once you defeat the 1st 4 bosses and wait out the 24 hour timer, the final and resident Family Boss will appear. Valentino Vandetti is the 22nd Family Boss and is one cool cat. He is a new Boss but is the same as the Old Boss. More details are shown below. Thanks to the {ASS} Family for helping make this post possible.

The health of each Family Boss is determined by family size so the numbers may be different.
Once you defeat all 5 bosses for the Family Boss Fight: Payback event, the banner will convert to just a regular Family Boss Fight and Valentino's health will be much more reasonable. After this you get 7 days to defeat him and once you do the cooldown timer is 24 hours.
The rewards always cause confusion because position on the leaderboard doesn’t guarantee you will get a superior item. You can see I was in spot #1 and only got 2 rare and 2 common items. Scoring in the top 10 only increases your chances but we all know what chances are like when it comes to Zynga statistics. In the second example I came in 2nd place and did get a superior item. The combos and rewards for this Family Boss Fight can be found here.

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