Apr 1, 2015

Los Angeles Survey


Zynga wants us to take a survey about Los Angels. If you feel this is your chance to really let them know how you feel, think again. We got this same survey once the first Offshore Turfs Secret District was released and the response to all the negative feedback was another Offshore Turf Secret District with no changes and then an entire destination with the same structure [1]. There isn’t much you can do with a click based game and Zynga totally missed the boat when they started offering jobs which you can only do once per level. With the extremely slow page loads, how can they even think this is fun. Los Angeles provides players who don't like it with 2 options. One is to walk away and the other is to buy an automated script that will do everything for you. UPDATE: The survey was pulled from the game only hours after it was released. To access it, replace the XXX with your Facebook ID.





  1. Probably using the survey to determine if they need to include Mafia Wars to the list of Zynga games to drop ;)

  2. A friend asked me about completing it. I told her Zynga never pays attention to player feedback, so I don't bother with their surveys any more

    Kathie E

  3. so, it would be better if energy costs for jobs were the same for all? Say a level 2000 with 3000 energy versus a level 300,000 account with 1,000,000 energy - their energy costs should be the same? And then all would be better? We can say that energy cost per job should be 1500 energy regardless of energy. then the level 2000 can only do 2 jobs but the level 300,000 can do +650 jobs. I'm sure that would make some people happy :)

    The energy costs are based on a percentage of the total amount of energy, which to me seems more than fair. Allows a playing field for everyone,right?

    1. Just saw this post and wanted to respond. Use your above post and change the word energy to stamina and jobs into fights. Then you'll see why it's unfair that Zynga changed the energy costs.

  4. When I clicked the link, the "507559745" at the end of the URL pre-populated the Game ID field. I changed it, but it may cause problems for others....

  5. So they added the Mafia Wars ID to the main page so we don't get RSI from clicking on the profile tab to get it too many times answering all their surveys and registering as a solo player for mock wars?

  6. I filled it out for shits and giggles. I can deal with the one click per level jobs but I really have a hard time with how they think it can be fun that only jobs that need consumables can make money and have a semi decent ratio while the consumable gain jobs lose money. They did this in Mexico and followed it up in LA which is plain idiotic. Throw the players a bone once in a while. Sheesh.

  7. What I would like to see since I never get to level 15 on Limited property. Is instead of begging you earn parts. From jobs or robbing. Really useless that I still earn Political Favors isn't that from Cuba?


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