Apr 1, 2015

Fuck Up Fairy Mastery Event


A new loot item called the Fuck Up Fairy has been added to the inventory. We managed to find a copy of the FAQ and it’s shown below.


FAQ: Fuck Up Fairy Mastery Event
Wednesday April 1, 2015

The Fuck Up Mastery Event is designed to reward you for all of our game play issues. Encounter any of the following game occurrences to earn Fuck Up Fairies. Earn 100,000 Fuck Up Fairies by April 30th to receive an awesome reward.

White Page Load:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
Half Page Load:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
Spinning Bullets:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
Session Time-Out Error:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
400 URL Not Found Error:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
504 Gateway Time-Out Error:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
Unexpected Error:  5 Fuck Up Fairies
Mysterious Error:  5 Fuck Up Fairies
Processing Error:  5 Fuck Up Fairies
Feed Not Found Error:  5 Fuck Up Fairies
Expired Feed:  5 Fuck Up Fairies
Maxed Feed:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
Missing Currency from your Bank:  10 Fuck Up Fairies
Mafia Invite Error:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
Gifting Error:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
Unable to join a Family:  20 Fuck Up Fairies
Unable to leave a Family: 20 Fuck Up Fairies
Mission Bar won’t open:  10 Fuck Up Fairies
Mission Bar won’t open during an active Mission:  20 Fuck Up Fairies
Non-Working Button(s):  1 Fuck Up Fairy per attempted click
Inventory won’t load:  1 Fuck Up Fairy
Arena won’t load:  5 Fuck Up Fairies
Arena Power Ups don’t work:  5 Fuck Up Fairies

Q: I’m experiencing many more issues than the ones listed. How do I get Fuck Up Fairies for the ones not listed.
A: There isn’t enough space on the internet to list all of the issues in Mafia Wars. We have compiled a list of common everyday occurrences and hope our players will be able to master this event in 1 gaming session. 

Q: I spent a lot of reward points to max out on the best possible loot items. These Fuck Up Fairies are active on my account so my more powerful loot items aren’t contributing to my equipment scores.
A: The Fuck Up Fairies work in mysterious ways. We apologize for the inconvenience and have credited your account with 100 Fuck Up Fairies. 

Q: My account is way more fucked up than my friends yet he has more Fuck Up Fairies than I do. How is this fair?
A: We aim for a level playing field and this is not intended. Perhaps your friends account is more fucked up than he lets on.

Q: The Fuck Up Fairy popups are getting in the way of my game play. Every time I get one, I need to refresh the game. Another one appears and I have to do the same. I haven’t been able to play for over 2 hours. 
A: This is called the Fuck Up Loop. Although rare, when it is encountered you can get thousands of Fuck Up Fairies in one sitting.

Q: I’ve maxed on Fuck Up Fairies, now what?
A: Fuck Up Fairies are giftable so you can send them to your friends.

Q: What is the said ‘awesome’ reward for earning 100,000 Fuck Up Fairies?
A: The answer will be revealed once the event expires on April 30th. We will give you a hint. The reward will be mailed since you may not have an account to credit anything to.

Enjoy the game
Mafia Wars Support Team


  1. should take about 5 minutes

  2. Please let this not be an aprils fool joke =)

  3. Brilliant absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!

  4. Hahahaha... this is awesome... shouldn't take many hours to collect 100,000 Fuck Up Fairies :P

  5. ROFLMAO and crying at the same time....Love it!
    Kathie E

  6. Best laugh I've had in years!!! Thanks for adding some humor to the game :-)

  7. I have not earned a single fairy :( I don't think I will, I don"t have any of the list happening to me and never have since day 1. I am not sure what everyone complains about. It is the servers that are being used to play the game and cannot possibly be issues from Zynger! Just saying

    1. Ha Ha, I see Zynga employees are still visiting this site.

    2. Not a zynger employee, just an addict like the rest with the same complaining issues as all the rest, But you must admit if you believed me, I had the best April Fools Joke going!

  8. LOL. An A.F.J. Not as good as the Rabid Rabbits raiding Chicken Coops for their eggs because of their Hydrophobia.

  9. LMAO! That's pretty accurate :D

  10. Oh My!!! Thank you for the laughs!!!!

  11. I got 100,000 fuck up faires in 1 level up

  12. Love it, love it, love it! Brilliant minds at work - it's apparent the author(s) do NOT work for Zynya!

  13. A week Late reading this.......... Solid Gold Hilarious!


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