Apr 29, 2015

Job Board 12


The 12th Job Board is now available. As predicted, this will be the 1st Job Board in Los Angeles. I think Zynga is trying to throw some incentive to get people out of the Bonus District in South Africa. With the ratios of Los Angeles, I think it’s a losing battle. Unlike previous Job Boards, the tracker item is useful but it won’t last for very long. Job Boards are no big deal. If you aren’t in the top 3 on your Family Leaderboard than you won’t get anything. If you are than all you get is one loot item. It’s not worth the effort at all. A closer look at the loot items for this event can be found here.



  1. I will be giving this one a miss what with all the loading issues, white pages, high energy costs. Besides in a couple of days nothing will be working.

  2. With everything else going on, that is draining the hell out of my energy, I'm not going to waste my time nor energy on this! In the past I have always finished in the top 3, but this time around it's simply not worth the effort!

  3. Well at least it makes the tedious slowness of LA a little more interesting. I will just see how many I get by my normal game play.

  4. I am not sure why Zynga throws out these events and makes the rewards a disincentive to even participate.

  5. Family members still not getting credit for jobs done. So top 3 get a gift but not all can participate so failed mission for the family to promote the competion we all love. Mafia Wars glitchen again.


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