Apr 29, 2015

Family Progression Level 15


Today the {ASS} Family reached Level 15 in Family Progression. It took a total of 3 years, 8 months and 6 days to get there. Family Progression was added to the game on August 4th of 2011 and not many thought the game would be around to see it completed [1]. Zynga eventually added ways for families to get more experience but it’s still a very slow process. Even more so for smaller families. Other than not having to deal with it anymore, there are very few real benefits to getting to Level 15 as the ‘Perks’ are very outdated. Thanks to all past and present {ASS} members for always collecting and getting us here.

The 'Perk for Level 15 is the Demolitionist and increases damage to opponents in Family Battles by 5%. Since the Family Battle feature is full of bugs and offers no incentive, this Perk is a dud. Zynga would do the game justice if they just removed the Family Battle feature as it’s about as useless as Trader Goh. Of the 15 Family Progression Perks, this is the 2nd one that aides in Family Battles. I’m not even going to test it because it’s so useless nobody would care if it didn’t work.
Once you get to Level 15 the progression trackers get stuck  on 100%. Zynga needs to fix this as the ‘Next Perk’ is actually the ‘Last Perk’. The good news is that Level 15 doesn’t start at 0% and there is no need to fill it up to 100% like we see with Level 10 of Robbing.
Family Progression itself doesn’t change. You can still collect individual and family experience. Since Family Progression is at 100%, I guess the family experience you earn goes into a black hole. The good news is that the individual experience bonuses can still be collected.


  1. Congrats on getting to level 15... However you are slightly misinformed on nobody caring about family battles anymore. We are currently in a battle tourney group where there are actually around 50 families that have participated this time... true the battle features are pretty screwed and doing battles manually are a real grind at times so sadly most people have to rely on scripts... but just so you know, battles are still a big part for many families... and if the ASS family was interested or any other family... they would be more than welcome to participate.

    1. The problem with all of this is that people aren't really "playing" the game in any true sense now. They press a button and a script does all the work for you. No skill is required. How is that fun?

  2. Hey I love battles! lol

  3. I agree with you Jen, family battles are lame. Nobody really gives two chits about family battle rank.. and nobody I know gives two squats about family battles as they are seriously outdated. Folks these days like mock wars, driveby's and big events. You know, stuff that the old school players been doing before the whole red tag crap was introduced to this game.


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