Apr 21, 2015

Family Attack Team Mock War


As announced on the Mafia Wars Blog, the Family Attack Team Family will be having a Mock War on April 24th [1]. The participation item is a Go Catch with stats of 340/285. It looks like registration may be closed so Zynga didn’t announce this in a timely manner. Perhaps the Family Attack team will consider opening it up for a day or do. If you are too late, remember to bookmark Linda’s Mock War Page to stay ahead of the game and never miss a Mock War again. If you forget to bookmark it, there is a tab in the navigation bar on this blog that will take you there.



  1. Nice to see once again zynga doesn't seem to truelly care about player interaction Maybe they are afraid that if we all congregate in the same place we might all discuss zynga's shortcomings LOL

  2. It has been on zynga's calendar for at least 2 weeks because I've seen it.

    1. I don't post about the Mock War until they do. Otherwise I would be spending too much time tracking these things. Sure they update their calender every now and then but they don't make a new post. And really what good is an announcement post if it's made after the deadline to register has passed. Linda's calender is far superior to the one Zynga adds to whenever the mood strikes. Also Linda includes Mock Wars that aren't sponsored by Zynga.


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