Apr 21, 2015

Collectable Stat Card Review: Set 44


It’s been a while since I’ve posted completed sets of Collectable Stat Cards. The interest isn’t there as it’s been demonstrated and proven that they are not a wise choice for something to spend your reward points on. In the past, it took about 1,000 reward points to get a complete set. The current set took 1,725 reward points to get all of the cards. It appears as if Zynga reduced the odds so the cost would creep up. Using a mini (which is probably doomed for deactivation by Facebook), I purchased a complete set. I had to buy 135 cards to get the 25 needed and I ended up with 667 skill points. The cost was 1,725 reward points so the skill point/reward point ratio was 2.6. Since 2X Property builds offer a ratio of 1.0, it’s easy to see that Collectable Stat Cards are just a gimmick. The loot rewards are horrible (with the exception of the 1 mastery item) and quickly become outdated. This is the first set in which loot items will drop in Los Angeles and it’s not surprising that there aren’t any drop locations in South Africa. All the card images and skill points that go with them are shown below. 

Series I-V Images and Skill Points
Here is a closer look at each card and the drop locations of the Reward Series Cards.
Reward Cards

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  1. Not sure if the first comment worked but 3 of those stat cards are in the Brazil Musical Collection


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