Mar 24, 2015

Urban Assault 7 Coming Soon


The 7th version of the Urban Assault Missions will be featured in Los Angeles. I’m thinking this will replace the City Missions and possibly not have a timer (wishful thinking most likely). If you look at the banners, there isn't a Urban Assault lattice in the back ground and more importantly there isn't a spot for a timer. The previous 6 Urban Assault Mission tasks have been from a variety of destinations so it’s different that the banner says Los Angeles on it. Titanium+ VIP subscribers will get early access. I doubt I will do a walkthrough. The game costs too many reward points and I’ve spent all mine to bring you the information on Los Angeles. This has also put my account at a disadvantage because I’m on the ruby levels of mastery. It will be too difficult to zip through these Missions and provide an early walkthrough. Lack of interest in the blog has also reduced any ad revenue which I’ve used in the past to buy reward points. I’ve tried to generate visitors to the blog by posting the daily links here instead of our fan page and it worked for a few weeks [1]. Too many players decided that posting the links to their pages was better and the visitors quickly declined. I understand the game is not interesting anymore and most players don’t need a blog for guidance. I still have a few more posts to make about Los Angeles but after that I will probably just post the basics (game, loot and server images) until the game ends.



  1. Ty for your tireless efforts bringing us the latest.. I appreciate.!

  2. :( I come to your blog every day (usually more than once...poor retention I guess) Not looking forward to an UA in LA and also not happy about another property beg. Instead of driving players away, why don't they just shut it down like they have done with so many other of their games

    Kathie E

  3. I also appreciate the efforts that you do to bring the news we need. I don't always appreciate your biased opinions but without this blog, I would have quit a long long time ago. From me, I say thank you...............

  4. Dear Loot,,,, Your tireless efforts, long hours and dedication that you have put forward, in order to bring us the Extremely Important Info in your Blog..... is Very, Very Much APPRECIATED <3 <3 :* :*
    On behave of all Mafia Wars players, We say......... THANK YOU, THANK YOU :)
    I do hope that someway you will be able to generate enough revenue to be able to continue the GREAT service that you have been providing us all.
    In closing,,, I'd say I hope what you said "until the game ends".... NEVER comes to light. Thank you once again <3 :*

    1. I could not have said it better, Roy. There are still many of us that appreciate the time involved to provide all the info found here.

  5. Long time reader, First time commenter.
    I have been reading your blog for years. Even though we have never communicated, I feel like you are a friend. I come to you for help, I come to you with questions, I come to you for the conversation of reading your posts.
    I totally appreciate what you do for all us MW players. Most of us have a rough enough time just playing the game, much less recording what we do & then writing about it.
    This game has gotten more & more f'd up lately and knowing that I can come here for your guidance, advice and walk-throughs keeps me playing.
    It would be a sad day in 'Mafia-land' if you stopped blogging for us, but we all do what we need to.

    I give you a big SHOUT-OUT for all you hard work and effort to help keep this failing game interesting and playable !!
    Thanks again for being here.......

  6. Thanks for all your efforts. I've clicked on a few ads - the ones which don't look dodgy (not your fault, you're not serving up the ads) - so you get a few pennies, I hope. But buy yourself a drink/chocolate/whatever, rather than RPs

  7. Many thanks, Jen, for all that you do. I come here daily from all of my accounts. The information you've posted about Los Angeles is amazing, and more than this crappy destination deserves. OK with me if you skip the next Urban Assault - I'm going to!

    BTW, I appreciate the occasions when you express an opinion about aspects of the game - it's somehow validating that even Loot Lady feels that way!

  8. I rely on your posts to help myself & my small clan - the game get seriously messed up at times but with your help it means we can still battle on :)
    thank you All


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