Mar 24, 2015

Owning Your Assets


Zynga makes us think that owning our Assets in Los Angeles is this great thing. Hey you can continue to generate experience and rewards so it should be good, right? It’s not what it sounds like. The experience you ‘generate’ is the experience you could get instantly from performing any other game action requiring stamina. This is a punishment and not a reward. Use your stamina and then wait 8 hours to get the experience is a joke. The ratio is a little better than normal (2.30 for District 1, 2.35 for District 2 and 2.40 for District 3) but using it will delay your leveling for 8 hours. The only way this would be an advantage is if you have 75% of your stamina pool that will go to waste before you hit the next level. In this case it could be used for carry over but if you are in this situation you probably don’t need the extra experience to begin with. The fact that you need to farm 30, 36 or 45 consumables (depending on district) makes this adventure not worth it. The loot reward are a joke and will be outdated by next month. The only reason to own your Asset is to master the districts. The images below show exactly what you get once your Asset is owned.



  1. Hell, I'm not even going to finish Los Angeles, as Zynga will remove Mafia Wars before the years end.

  2. WTF !!!!
    Timer by 2 hours !!!
    What they think ? We play a game or wait hours to look that bored BS ?
    Stop it cost JUST 7 RP :v
    Will close the site and IGNORE whole LA.
    Dont get time to lost 2 hours of my life just to look bored BS


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