Mar 1, 2015

The ‘Location’ Guessing Game


Twelve days ago, Zynga posted a contest and asked players to guess where the next location was going to be [1].  The contest closed on February 25th and there were lots of guess but many used the thread to complain about loading issues [1]. Today we got an image of a skyline and I saw several comments stating that it looked like the city of Los Angeles. Below is a comparison and it really does but the argument against this is that we’ve already had 3 destinations in the US (New York, Las Vegas and Chicago). Oliver Occupy Scollon has a good theory that the next location will be Prague and some of his reasons shown below do make sense. We should find out soon when Zynga announces the contest winners (as they had to guess correctly to win). Will Oliver be one of them?

Mafia Wars
Los Angeles
Back in 2013, prior to the release South Africa, Zynga tried to be secretive but they accidentally added the name of the next destination to an image link in a blog post [1]. To keep us guessing and cover up this now obvious blunder, they released a 2nd clue and named another destination [1]. Little did we know at the time but that other destination was Mexico and was the one released after South Africa. Zynga didn’t stop there, they added a 3rd clue with the image link naming Prague [1]. Could it be possible that they have known the destination line up way back then?
Oliver has other theories as to why he believes Prague is the next location and pointed out that the pre-release suggests animals. The word Prey is not spelled Pray like it should be and the Buckler is kind of shaped like a deer. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and the Carpathian Mountains provide habitat for a lot of animals [1]. The Buckler would remind one of a deer in sound and visually. As for the rest of Oliver’s theories, he will need to comment them as there isn’t enough time to go into them all :) At this time there isn’t anything in the backcode or server images to say for sure where the next destination will be located. I think LA and Prague are 2 very good guesses.


  1. You forgot Chicago as a US destination along with Vegas and NY :D
    Kathie E

  2. Prague would be a great destination but it will be L.A. If you look at the items you farm for money, they're are name after the money of the destination (RANDition for South africa and PESOmystics for mexico), so BUCKler for bucks. The car is wingman, wingman angels, so los angeles.
    Sorry oliver, Prague would be a good destination but it look like Zynga want another city in the US (the 4th).

  3. Nionios KakavoulisMarch 1, 2015 at 9:15 AM

    You say about 2 destinations in USA (New York and Las vegas). I have to add Chicago (which is still active) and Atlantic City where we played by mobiles or so

  4. Thank you, I totally forgot about Chicago :)

    1. Hello Loot Lady,
      I am more worried about what is happening with your blog than Zynger. Is there a power struggle within? Or are you loosing interest?
      I had grown to look forward to reading what you had to say, there was so much of interest. In the good old bad days you sent the blog to my email address ( am - I'm in the UK), then occasionally they would come but not over the weak end, now, nothing (it was good while it lasted Thanks).
      I understand the readers whinging, yet now I feel that whoever is writing this blog is leading the charge.
      For what it is worth I like playing Mafia Wars and part of that enjoyment was following what you Loot Lady's blog had to say (there used to be such a lot of informative information).
      All organisations have there ups and downs, at the moment you are having a down and that is no good for me, I prefer it when you are in the up mode.
      (I'm not sending this for a dig - should you decide to print - that is up to you - what I want is for you to read, have a look at your position - and if you are up to it get the blog back firing on all cylinders, to how it was when someone was interested. Remember if it is decided that the blog is to stop you will only be missed for a short time -but that is not what I want)

    2. I'm the only one who does the blog and I've been doing this for over 5 years. The game is different now and copying/pasting the same events over and over would make anyone lose interest. This combined with the fact that it costs a lot of money and time to maintain the site with a general lack of interest and decline of readers makes not as much fun as it used to be so yes I would have to say my interest level is not nearly what it used to be. I do think about quitting everyday but there is something in me that wants to be here until the end. It can't last that much longer. I still spend hours on the walkthrough but that seems to be more expected than appreciated by many (I'm sure there are some that do appreciate it) and I don't think many people understand what goes into keeping this site going. Not sure about the emails, they should come everyday, mine do. This blog is not a separate entity of the game so when there is lack of interest in the game as we see from so many players there will certainly be lack of interest here.

    3. It's good to know that you are human. The trick is not to expect anything from your readers, then when there is good comment you can feel the effort was worth it.
      It is a bit like being a cook they only whinge when things aren't up tp standard.

  5. I just love how zynga give us 3-4 different events at the same time, on top of that the stream scanners dont work and the loading issues, so great.
    They give us a stupid new SD right after another SD, yes i call it a secret district and then on top of the family ice thing, we get an urban assualt mission and we need to collect 2 things for a new location, which the stream scanner would be nice to use and for myself, im not even done with Mexico yet, still need 1,5 districts to complete and the 1mill pesos and the last property, so yay.
    Whats up with the rush?
    Who is in charge at zynga, some 14 year old with extreme adhd, surrounded by other 14 year olds with extreme adhd that ALWAYS need to have something going?
    Wtf is all i have to say, i wont be doing the janitzio or whatever the SD is called and the urban mission is to much with to little time when i still have Mexico to finish and the "new location" coming, oh god, why cant they wait until the summer with a new district or maybe 2 months, wtf is wrong with people today, no seem to be able to relax for 5min.

    1. Couldn't have put it better myself - nice one!

      A correction - 14 year olds tend to have a level of intellect, those at Zynga have none, perhaps 4 year olds with ADHD?

      I'm off to ignore just about every banner as I don't have enough anything to do all they want me to and if it's any consolation I still have Brazil, Chicago, London to complete; most of South Africa and Mexico to unlock and I've been playing since 2010 :D

      I did finish NY, Moscow, Cuba, Bangkok, Italy and Las Vegas years ago .......

      You have to laugh!

  6. If it is LA then Chicago will be the next city to close more than likely

  7. There's also the tree types in the pic.

    Unless we're playing in the far future where climate change leads to Prague has the same types of palm trees as LA, I don't see Czech Republic as an option.

    For that matter, the "Prague" splash pic lis just a cropped version of the pic from the Jobs "Eliminate an Unexpected Roadblock" and "Open the Virus Vault in Protective Gear" in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

  8. Not a fan of Chicago in the game, may as well be forgotten!

  9. Does Prague have a lot of palm trees? As much as it would be nice to have a destination outside of the US, I thought it was LA as soon as I saw that pic, the palm trees are a dead giveaway. The graffiti on the buildings in the foreground is also very reminiscent of the type you see a lot in LA.

  10. In psalms a buckler is a shield. Example: King James Version (KJV)
    He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Definitions for Psalms 91:4
    Buckler - A shield.
    So Is this a holy land they taketh us to-ith. Egypt? Israel?

    1. I like that theory. Thought Egypt would be a good idea for a long time. Taking over pyramids smuggling gold. A lot of stuff could be done with that place.

      But like Jen said in the post I should probably comment with everything I've spotted for Prague.

      Firstly was the Africa preview images.

      Secondly I spotted that the last game icon was changed to be the image of the Mexican flag. Now it's the right colors for the Prague flag. Yellow at the top and red at the bottom.

      Buckler is in the shape of a deer looks like it has horns on the top. Even the stripes in the middle makes it looks like a deer face. And Buck is the word for a male deer.

      That alone would make sense as the Western Carpathian Mountains are partly in Prague as well as other places. And red deer are on them exact mountains. Them mountains also have wildlife conservation programs that are usually had in areas that have problems with poaching.

      Again poaching would make sense with how prey is spelt. Prey as in animals hunting. So the shield that shares look and name with male deer. the deer are on mountains that are in prague where poaching is an issue and they spelt it prey. it all tied together.

      Another point of mentioning is the russian mafia is documented to be in prague. Some might remember the russian prison tattoo collection from years ago. The recrew item we have to collect is clearly a tattoo gun.

      Of course everything is speculation and at least it's more interesting than clicking the same old stuff all the time. But for the above reasons prague makes sense to me. Although egypt would still be nice.

  11. I say LA - there aren't palm trees in Prague.

    1. I had something pointed out to me the other day. Look at the line in the road. I've played enough GTA to know in America the road markings are a double yellow line down the road. So it can't be L.A or anywhere else in America.


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