Mar 1, 2015

Prey For Your Sins: New Location Pre-Release Event


Zynga is really pushing the limits with the events. The last thing most of us want to see right now is a new destination. Zynga doesn't care what the players want so the pre-release for this upcoming destination is now available. The timing is taking away from the excitement that a new destination should provide. If pre-release events are a indication of what the destinations have in store than we are in for a disappointing ride. This is the 4th copy/paste pre-release event so why would we expect the new destination to be anything but a copy/paste of the old destinations? If you’re bored, review the Lord pre-release events for London, South Africa and Mexico and try to spot the differences. I don’t think you will find any other than the fact that the game was smoother back then. So basically we collect loot and consumable to get a mastery item and new image. London and South Africa were released 7 days after the pre-release event but Mexico took a while longer [1]. If Zynga wants to keep us sane they will at least wait until the Secret Districts and Missions are over! A basic walkthough of this pre-release event is shown below.

To access the event, use the travel bar and click New Location. It shouldn’t be a surprise that once you open this thing up it often gets stuck and you have to refresh to get back.
You will find the “Ask” and “Invite” buttons as well as trackers for the items we need to collect. Where to get them is also listed.
The “Ask” button will generate requests for Bucklers. You can ask once every 8 hours and each request will yield 10 items. You can also earn 20 by clicking on the feeds of others but can only acquire 40 per day.
Zynga must not have liked the first name they had for this event as there are 2 feed image links. They went with the 2nd one.
With the newsfeed issues, collecting 20 may prove difficult. The requests are limited so you will find a lot of duds.
The 'Invite' button will take you to the Recrew Send page. You will also find these on the Free Gift Page. Use the Gift Blaster or click on the 'Invite' button from the game. Accept them in the ZMC.
The important thing to note about these items is that accepting them doesn’t mean you get them. You only get Recrews when others accept your gift so you have to send them. Each Recrew that you accept will either add 1 to your friends tally or it will be a waste of time if they have already earned 30 for the day.
Both Bucklers and Recrews also drop from Jobs and Fights. They drop from both stamina and energy jobs.
Collecting Bucklers and Recrews are the only thing required for this event. The rewards are currency for the new destination and a mastery item. The rewards won’t be added to your account until the new destination opens.
You can get up to 80 Bucklers a day as listed in the chart below.

Buckler Daily Limit
Asking From Feeds 20
Helping From Feeds 20
Jobs 20
Fights 20

You can get up to 80 Recrews per day as listed in the chart below.

Recrew Daily Limit
Crew Requests (Free Gifts) 30
Jobs 25
Fights 25
Mastery Item
As you progress through the levels of mastery, the image will change until it eventually becomes the background image used for the new destination. Zynga coded the image links so it will be hard to guess them. The current image is shown below and there are 4 more. They unlock once you master the bronze, silver, gold and ruby levels this event.



  1. Hopefully this new destination won't open till March 16... 15 days to collect 1200 of each parts. Now all we need to complete the madness is another Limited Time Property, lol... I hope there isn't any server images to locate yet :P Oh, and maybe some kind of Arena event? Haven't it been days already since the last one? :P

    Come on Zynga you slackers... :D :D lol

  2. The destination will open in 15 days at least, because for completing the 1200 items with the limit of 80 per day...You need 15 days. Except if zynga rush it so, we have time.

  3. without a streams working properly this is pointless... F this game

    1. Spot on! Even if stream scanner were working, the posts don't show up in the feeds anyway. If there were (I purposely use the word "were" instead of "was" for good reason) any lingering doubt, Mafia Wars has definitely jumped the shark, folks.

  4. spend your money IDIOTS

  5. Once again Zynga can't do the maths. You collect in accordance with the rules, the game tells you that you have collected then, lo and behold, Zynga can't add it to your inventory!!! If this is a fortaste of the new district this game is doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I haven't even opened Mexico yet and won't open this city unless there is a no cash/no consumable job with better ratios

  7. same problem mm have all the items collected to 80 but it only shows 79 ,, typical zynga lol

  8. I sincerely hope Zynga takes into account, that the few players who don't use scripts - to drain the feed posts - can't get any Bucklers for this event at all. We need to collect 20 Bucklers each day from feed posts... but, so far today, I have been able to get 2 and then 53 messages saying:

    "The maximum amount of players have already collected from this feed"

    So, since Zynga encourages, allows and rewards the use of scripts - but still claim that they are against their own Terms of Service - I hope they allow time for those who can't get these Bucklers, so that both those who DO use scripts and those who don't, have the same chance of collecting all 1200.


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