Mar 15, 2015

Prey For Your Sins: All Images & LA Background Image


Today is the day that players who have collected the maximum number of items for the Prey For Your Sins pre-release event should hit ruby mastery and the final image will be revealed. If you aren’t there yet, don’t worry as previous events of this type went on until the destinations they represent were released. There isn’t a need to collect extra items as they won’t do anything for you. The background image that will be used for Los Angeles is a darker version of the first image from this event. All images for this event as well as the new background image are shown below.

Prey For Your Sins Images 1-5
Los Angeles Background Image


  1. Lets see how many district will open in L.A. before they shut down mafia wars:
    - 3-4 ? : because they close the game on april the 30th (suprise for the VIP)
    - 6-7 ? : like in Chicago because they will stop caring
    -10 ? : Like the other destinations

    BTW: Did you think L.A. will have a map or its will like bresil and chicago (without a map).

  2. I see you put your own tramp stamp on the shirtless dude.

  3. who cares anymore

  4. Well this game is about over. When I have trouble even asking for parts of properties and loading issues for properties, yeah, Zynga doesn't care about this anymore. It is the same thing over and over again. Script players will level up huge and get through the new district in a couple of weeks. People that don't play with scripts are ignored. Fights are not worth it, I did 4 today that the opponent had endless health, a common occurrence. You can't ice players with endless health. So WHY bother.

  5. Zynga is so full of shit. Game does not load and they keep releasing new things.


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