Mar 15, 2015

Need War Help?


As most of us know, the news feeds are not behaving like they did in the past. We used to complain that wars were over in less than a second and now players are having issues getting any help. Recently my inbox is full of players asking me to help in their wars. This isn’t an effective system for two reason. One being that by the time the person on the receiving end of your requests checks their inbox, the war may already be over. The other being that the request may not even work. A good way to bypass the news feeds is to use war links. The Spockholm War Helper will do just this and news feed requests aren’t a part of it. If your family works together and everyone helps a few times a day than all wars should get done. One thing to mention is if you use the War-o-Matic (also by Team Spockholm) to declare wars on those who no longer play, you will win the war when the timer runs out. Using either of these tools will eliminate the need to send irritating inbox messages to all your friends.



  1. War-o-Matic works really well and have been using it for a long, long time...
    We have created a War Help document on our family group page and then when you use War-o-Matic you can get it to post a comment on the document which has the link and what the reward is...

  2. I think you win by default if you declare, even if no punches are thrown. So War-o-matic and you're done!

  3. I keep telling peeps to either declare on a known non player or use war o matic. Some listen, some don't

    Kathie E

  4. I keep mentioning that you want wars declared on you and lose. Why? Because you can add all the players that hit you in the war and you have a more active mafia. Find wars that are over and add all that fought to increase active players. It's not about declaring or winning anymore, it's about finding active players.
    -My two cents

  5. Im in a small group of players and our wars run for 8 or 6 hours depending on what perk level your family is at and we have gathered links to everyones wars and we just write in a group chat what loot there is for helpers and then people can just go to the group page, click the link and help, works great for us, but we are not that many though.
    Its great since we never lose a war and we get all the loots, the group was created due to that all the auto players just auto join with their scripts and the war is over in less then 30sec and then theres no hope for loots and we use of course really low level players who hasnt touched they account for many years.

  6. i find a mafia member thats stopped or deactivated acct...put on rivals then declar war on that person if i get no hep i win for the person dont hit back easy win every get loot i use the war helper i run it in one window while playing in another windo checking offten whe finished i just reset it and it gets all new wars..i declare war on the same non playing person every time

  7. when did this rule change?

    You maxed out on rewards for helping your mafia in their wars today. You can assist in as many wars as needed, but can only receive up to 5 bonuses per day.

    I used to get dozens of rewards each day


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