Mar 9, 2015

Overlords Ammo Bug


UPDATE: It's fixed. Now that it is maybe Zynga should consider extending the timer.

Ammo items for the Overlords 2 event are not dropping from jobs, fights, arenas or robbing. We are supposed to get up to 100 of each per day but so far today is a big 0. Since taking down the shields is almost impossible with stamina, these items are very much needed. Hopefully Zynga will fix this bug soon as the 4th boss showed up an hour late.



  1. Still not fixed uugghhhh

  2. Only ever use stam once shield is down.....

  3. I believe that zynga is technically challenged couldn't properly execute the time change of daylight savings time and has messed up their resets. Believe they hired ex MS Vista code writers for development and QC definitely is not being done before implementation of new features. I give this one big ATTABOY

  4. That would have been the writers of ME (Mistake Edition) not Vista

  5. Once Zynga figured out that they have a select group of people dumping money to them regardless of how well the game runs they stopped caring about fixing it and all these problems started happening and sticking around. Would you go to the grocery store and buy rotten food? No?? Well I don't understand how people can then continually pay a "VIP Fee" every month or WORSE dump $100's ~ $1000's of dollars to them for RP's when the game runs as bad as it does right now and has been for some time now. Makes ZERO sense.

  6. Don't still drop. Nothing.

  7. I supposedly got the drops but it ran through ALL of my leftover and tpday's Hidden Intent [0/0] to burn 30k of 300k for today's overlord's shield using the green combo. No way am I spending a single RP to make up the difference.

    Hidden Intent
    Daily Limit: 100
    Go to Rob

  8. they are dropping for me -jobs & robbing well but fights/ arena still an issue. fights very slowly and arena not at all

  9. And today they drop, but the next boss isn't ready


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