Mar 9, 2015

Safesmith Coming Soon


It was announced on the Mafia Wars Blog that a new feature called Safesmith is coming soon [1]. This looks a little too much like the ill fated Crack The Safe feature from January of 2011 [1]. If you’ve been playing for a while, you will remember we needed to Crack The Safe to recruit mafia members [1]. The results were disastrous as many players were banned by from sending or accepting Friend Requests by Facebook. Some even lost their accounts. Hopefully this is something entirely different. If only Zynga would devote time to fixing the loading and news feed issues we may have a game again. Thanks to Kevin Fenten Snr for posting on our fan page.



  1. Well... it could be that there is actually nothing to fix... every time I contact support, telling them about the numerous of loading issues and other problems this game is displaying... I am always told the same thing:

    "The system isn't detecting any problems... our system is showing the game running 100% perfect"

    Now, if this is truly what support believes... I have no clue what they are doing over there at Zyngatards HQ - one thing is clear though.. NO employee of Zynga is playing the game... NO ONE!! That has become a clear fact to me... and if no-one even bothers to play the game and get involved... how should we expect them to actually know what is wrong with the game? The Development Team only has one thing on its mind... to drown us all with events... whether or not those events are working properly is of no concern to them AT all. Now, the poor supporters are CLUELESS as they are most likely being brainwashed into thinking what they are told is actually true... so, to sum it up... there are NO loading issues or otherwise problems with the game... IF you are experiencing any kind of problem with the game... you're most likely having browser issues

    Oh, and don't bother trying telling them that you think it's funny that the ONLY game you're experiencing problems with is MW... and that you have tried three different browsers on three different computers in three different locations and STILL experiencing the same issues on ALL three computers/browsers... and STILL only in MW... no other game is displaying these kinds of issues... but if you DO bother telling them that... oh well... I'll let you find out for yourselves, lol :P But it rhymes with "WE DON'T CARE" haha

    1. I agree, Mafia Wars has been going down hill for the past 4 years, I stopped buying Mafia War Items last April 2014, I have re formated my system 7 times in the past 3 months and still same issues, I contacted Dell Tech surport for my desk top and Dell's Tech's told me its not my computer, its Zynga programming, and I contacted Hewitt Packer Tech surport for my lap top and they said the same thing and they get calls about Zynga programming, people think its their computers, you are right Zynga does not give a Rat Ass that's why there stock is at $2.20 and on its way to Junk Bonds, I'm all most at the point of giving up on Mafia Wars, and when I do I will gift all my Items to those that are left in my Mafia War team, lost a lot of players because of these problems been playing Mafia Wars since 2003.

  2. That has to be the best comment ever spot on . I have had 1 arena task stuck at 96/100 for 3 days now i did get 20 rp but they wouldnt finish the task saying everything was working as it should.

  3. Wasn't there another version of crack the safe as well at one point. Something similar to the gift safe house where people sent gifts and you could send respectful ones or none respectful ones. I'm sure the safe version was similar in that you could choose to crack the safe or not so basically the same just with different images and wording.

  4. First if you follow the market, you know Zynga stock is getting hammered. Second their{Zynga} stated goal is to get 80% of revenue from mobile. That tells me they are not concerned with us stuck to our computers, to share 20% of their attention. Face if folks, they just want to push non-paying users out. The loading issues that we all have are there on purpose. It's sad, they took an interesting game and turned it into a 2 class game. I am level 8500 or so after 5 years and yet I see new people that are level 100,000. Most of the tasks can't be completed without scripts and I don't use them, so I will be another loss for them soon. I'm certain they don't care. Good Luck to all and find something else to play for fun and just keep collecting daily good stuff. in case they make the game playable again someday.

  5. what is this link?? like astupid link!!!

  6. Concerning Safesmith: You get two free picks. If you try to crack the safe with 30% and you fail, you'll get a christmas crate item. If you buy 4 more for 20RP you have the chance to get a 324 (common) or 350 (rare) or 358 (superior) item. No need to have all 6 to open safe- 90% with 5 picks. But everybody knows that probability doesn't work correctly within Zynga world. For the great price (398/368) if you have all all 15 items. So 190RPs needed to get that-and each item drops once only. Remember zynga world... equal distribution.... see card event... ?


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