Mar 23, 2015

Los Angeles Ruby Jobs: Districts 1-3


The job requirements, payouts and ratios for the ruby level of Districts 1-3 in Los Angeles are shown below. This is no joke! The energy requirements are so high that I can only do 1 job per level for all but 2 of them. Of the 27 jobs currently available in Los Angeles, only 6 don't require currency or consumables. The best ratio of these 6 is 2.154. It will be interesting to see what happens with the level cap [1]. It will be much faster to hit it and those who do will find it almost impossible to master future disticts of Los Angeles as leveling is essential to get the energy that is required. For a review of how energy requirements are determined, go here. The numbers below reflect my account which has a total energy pool of 225,268. Your jobs may require more or less energy but the ratios will be the same. For the bronze, silver and gold jobs, use the links below.

District 1
District 2
District 3
The experience/energy ratios for each job are shown below. The ones that don’t require currency and/or consumables are highlighted in green.

Job District 1 District 2 District 3
1 1.929  2.069 2.086  $
2 1.965  $ 2.099  $ 2.135  $
3 2.077 2.063  $ 2.073
4 1.984  $ 2.237  $C 2.202  C
5 2.050  $ 2.145  $ 2.248  $C
6 2.149  C 2.126  C 2.107  C
7 2.126  C 2.154 2.115
8 2.177  $C 2.088  C 2.253  C
2.204  C 2.227  C 2.114  $


  1. I have an energy account. Obviously I struggle more with things that require
    stamina, but it normally means I get to have fun on things that require energy.
    One of the very fun things of having an energy account is blowing through new districts.
    By making these new districts use a percentage of total energy it basically means that
    all my hard won skill points that I spent on energy are completely wasted.
    This is outrageous! It's like they're trying to make us quit.

    I won't be playing LA, that's for sure. I'm done with this game.

  2. Well. "Increase your max energy to do more jobs" on the profile page is a blatant lie. During some of the recent turf districts, my higher energy account had difficulty finishing due to the fact that it could do one job less per energy pool than the lower energy account. So those couple of thousand energy skill points penalised me. Looks like LA is going the same way and I have stopped adding any energy.

  3. You whingers amuse me.
    This is what happens in this game. If you think that by thoroughgoing all your toys out of your pram is going to change Zynga's way they set the game,get real, either shut up or leave.

    1. Wah, wah, wah. Why don't you take your own advice and shut up or leave?

      I'm gonna complain about the game if I want to.

  4. I'm just waiting for the next Urban Assault to have a task needing 150 loot drops from one of these...

  5. The consumable drop rate is pathetic, the raid is a complete joke if you need the payout to level up you either wait (up to 8 hrs) or buy the timer off. I wont be doing that so looks like I wont be spending much time in LA.

  6. By the way you think that the use of energy is bad - stop crying/sulking (call it what ever you like) the stamina get just as bad
    It doesn't matter what you have it doesn't go far - what really hurts is what is left over - you have to use it up on an old game just to get enough experience so that you can go to a new level, If you where to keep a record of the stamina that wasn't enough you would be amazed at least the energy can be used in small doses,


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