Mar 23, 2015

Los Angeles Assets: Bronze-Ruby


Assets are items that we attack to achieve mastery and progress in Los Angeles. Each district has it’s own Asset and each Asset has 4 levels. The requirements for all levels of each Asset are shown below. For a review of how the Asset feature works, go here.

The image of each Asset gets tricked out as you progress through the tiers of mastery.

District 1: Hellraiser
District 2: Steel’s Wheels
District 3: Woolf Studios
Asset Raids can be compared to Boss Fights in that you attack them until their health is 0. As would be expected, Assets become more difficult as their level increases. What remains the same is the number of consumables and stamina needed to attack them. The variables are damage done (account based) and time (tier based). The requirements for each Asset Raid are consumables and stamina. Each district offers 3 consumables and you will need a required number of those. You also need 75% of your stamina pool. Consumable and stamina requirements remain the same for all 4 levels of mastery.
Raid Requirements: 75% of Stamina Pool + Consumables
Once the Start Raid button lights up, you can start your Raid. Say good-bye to 75% of your stamina because you won’t get any payouts on it until the raid is complete. I imagine Zynga added this so that players who get bored will buy a stamina refills or pay off the timer. While your raid is in progress, it will be animated. The image below is what is added on top of the Asset images to make it appear as if it’s being attacked.
Once a Raid is started you can do whatever you want while the timer is going. You can travel to any destination, stay in Los Angeles or even go offline. The Raid will end and be available for collection as soon as the timer runs out but you can collect the rewards at any time. The only way to end the Raid is to speed up the timer using reward points or wait it out. You can also run multiple Raids (in the other districts) at the same time. 

Bronze Raids in Progress
Silver Raids in Progress
Gold Raids in Progress
Ruby Raids in Progress
The rewards for Asset Raids aren’t that great. For non-mastering Raids, you get the experience return from the stamina you used and 2 job loot items (1 Rare and 1 Superior). These rewards are the same for all 4 tiers of mastery.
District 1: Exp/Stamina Ratio=2.30
District 2: Exp/Stam Ratio = 2.35
District 3: Exp/Stam Ratio = 2.40
Once you fully master the bronze level of Asset Raids you get a Medallion. There is only 1 Medallion per district. They aren’t earned or upgraded on the silver, gold or ruby levels.
There are going to be a total of 10 Medallions so we can assume there will be 10 districts of Los Angeles. Once you earn all 10, you will have a chance to kill ‘your arch-nemesis’. He is revealed 1 section at a time. To view progress, click on the giant blue arrow.
If you look closely at the slivers of our mystery man, it becomes apparent who he is. Zynga could have taken the time to create a new guy. We see Sam Hadwick every day and all day with the Daily Fix feature. This guy gives us free stuff so why would he be our arch-nemesis? Maybe we will see someone with a different face but for now the body and outline are identical.
In addition to the experience and loot, you get a mastery item and +1 skill point for mastering each level.
Once you master the ruby level, you own the Asset. The catch is you need to fully master the district before you can find out what the rewards are or get them. I will make another post once that is determined.
The charts below sum up the requirements. The bronze level Hellraiser does less damage than the other bronze level Assets because Zynga gave us the first one for free as part of the in game tutorial. To simplify the chart, the bronze level will assume the pattern of the silver, gold and ruby requirements. 
The mastery items for all levels of Assets are shown below.
What's odd about the mastery loot is you get to keep the bronze and ruby items but not the silver or gold. It may have something to do with the achievements.
In addition to the rewards, there are also 6 achievements that come with +1 skill point.


  1. does this mean that in D1, once I leave Bronze, I would need a further 120 of each consumable to complete? - Rob

    1. I think you only have to do it 2 times for each level, so for that part you would need 20 each level, or 60 for the first district for silver, gold, ruby. Now the jobs require them too, so they have to be added in.


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