Mar 19, 2015

Los Angeles FAQ


Los Angeles is now available and Zynga has posted a FAQ on their Player Support site. The original can be found here. The FAQ does state that Los Angeles will be available on April 19th but it’s a typo, it’s available right now. Los Angeles is pretty much what we expected from a new destination. It's a copy/paste of Brazil, Chicago, London, South Africa and Mexico with something new called Assets thrown in for good measure. The energy requirements are so high that South Africa and Mexico will seem like a dream. The Assets will slow down the gunners. More posts on strategy and scripts will be made once they are formulated.

FAQ: Los Angeles
Thu Mar 19 07:48:26 EDT 2015

Description: Learn more about the new location in Mafia Wars – Los Angeles.
No mercy, no regrets. Welcome to Mafia Wars - Los Angeles!
Prey For Your Sins Quest
Districts and District Assets
Raiding an Asset
Asset Medallions
Palms Reserve Bank and Stanchion Rope
District Mastery Rewards
Los Angeles Crew

Q: When will the new location be available?
Mafia Wars - Los Angeles will be available to all players at Level 25 and above, starting April 19th 2015 (typo by Zynga, should read March 19th)

Q: Do I get any Free Gifts when I start Los Angeles?
Yes, we’re giving away 100 Bucks (Currency of Mafia Wars - Los Angeles) to help you break the siege overLos Angeles. Remember, Energy is precious and Bucks are hard to come by!

Q: Prey For Your Sins quest has disappeared - I have been working on it. When will I receive the rewards I am eligible for?
: Rewards for Prey For Your Sins Event will be credited to your inventory as soon as you enter the new location - Los Angeles.
The rewards will be based on the tier of Mastery completed for Prey For Your Sins as shown below.
In addition to the Mastery Rewards listed below, you will also receive 100 Bucks as an incentive to start exploring Los Angeles.

Q: I haven’t completed any level of Mastery in Prey For Your Sins quest. Will I still receive 100 Bucks when I start playing Los Angeles?
: Yes, you will still receive 100 Los Angeles Bucks.

Q: How many Districts are available in Los Angeles?
Currently, there are 3 Districts available in Los Angeles:
  • District 1 – Bel Air Massacre
  • District 2 – Santa Monica Chop Shop
  • District 3 – Hollywood Uprising
All the districts can be completed by doing jobs which consume your energy. In order to proceed to the next Mastery Level of a particular District, in addition to completing jobs, you also need to bring down the health of the respective District Asset to 0 by raiding it.
There are 4 Tiers to be mastered for each of the Districts – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby.
Please note that there are no Bandits or City Bosses in Los Angeles.

Q: How do I navigate through various districts in Los Angeles?
: As you might have noticed, we haven’t implemented a Map interface for Los Angeles. You can navigate through various districts of Los Angeles using the drop-down menu as shown below.
Q: What is a District Asset?
: Each Los Angeles District has a unique Asset associated with it.
Mastery level of the Asset corresponds to that of the District. You can unlock the next mastery level of a District ONLY after you've finished raiding the Asset and have completed the Jobs of the District at the current mastery level.
Q: How do I raid a District Asset?
: In order to raid an Asset, you will require a certain number of Consumables and Stamina.
Step 1: Collect Consumables
A certain number of consumables are required to raid an Asset which are displayed while doing jobs and will also be indicated on the game board, below the Asset. This number varies with the Mastery Level of the Asset.
Do Jobs to collect the required Consumables in the respective Districts. The raid will be unavailable if you do not have the required number of consumables on your account to carry out the raid.
Step 2: Use Stamina to raid the Asset
The “Start Raid” option uses 75% of your maximum Stamina in one click.
Once you meet the requirements (i.e. have the required number of Consumables and Stamina), you can raid the asset by clicking on the “Start Raid” button.
There are 3 District Assets available at the moment:
  • District 1 – Bel Air Massacre - Hellraiser
  • District 2 – Santa Monica Chop Shop – Steele’s Wheels
  • District 3 – Hollywood Uprising – Woolf Studios
Clicking on "Start Raid" will deduct the consumables and 75% of your maximum stamina and will initiate the raid.
While doing jobs, you will be alerted when the raid is available:
Once you click on the “Start Raid” button, a raid is initialized.
Please note that raiding an Asset takes time. You will be able to deal damage to the Asset and receive the rewards only after the raid ends (raid timer expires).
The amount of Damage you deal to an Asset and the time needed to finish raiding an Asset will differ for each mastery level.
You can continue doing jobs while the raid is in progress. However, any consumables earned during this period will be visible only at the end of the raid.
Asset Mastery Level
Time required for each raid
Bronze Level
15 Minutes
Silver Level
2 Hours
Gold Level
4 Hours
Ruby Level
8 Hours

Q: What are the Rewards for raiding an Asset? What are Medallions?
: Raiding an Asset will reward you with Experience and loot. The loot will differ based on the Asset and the experience payout will depend on your maximum Stamina.
Once the raid ends, you will be able to collect the rewards by clicking on the “Collect Reward” button.
Raiding each Asset and mastering it to Bronze Level (bringing the Asset health down to 0 for the first time) will reward you with a Medallion.
Achieving Asset Mastery will reward you with an Asset Mastery Reward for that level and 1 Skill Point.
Click on the drop down to view the Medallion and your progress.
As we add more Districts to Los Angeles, more Medallions will be available, which will help you reach and defeat an unknown enemy. Stay tuned for more updates, as we roll out new Districts in Mafia Wars - Los Angeles!
Below are the Asset Mastery Rewards:
Q: Why is my Asset Locked?
Asset mastery is tied to the overall mastery of a District. The Asset will be locked if you achieve the mastery of Asset before mastering the jobs. You will need to complete the mastery of all jobs in a particular District to proceed with the mastery of the Asset & the overall District.

Q: What happens after I achieve the Ruby Mastery of an Asset?
Once you achieve the Ruby Mastery of an Asset, you take over the Asset and own it.
You can continue to generate rewards and experience from the Asset similar to the way you have raided it. The “Start Raid” button will be replaced with a “Generate” button.
Q: How many City Properties are currently available in Los Angeles?
Currently, there are two properties available in Los Angeles – Banquet Hall and Production House. Mastering the first job in Bel Air Massacre and Hollywood Uprising will unlock them respectively.
Each Property gives you valuable resources to break the siege over your gangland:
· Your Banquet Hall provides Bucks.
· Your Production House allows you to craft Consumables.

Q: How does the Palms Reserve Bank work in Los Angeles?
The Palms Reserve Bank needs to be upgraded in order to deposit more Bucks. It has 5 upgradable levels with a minimum capacity to store 1,000 Bucks and a maximum capacity to store 1,000,000 Bucks.
The Palms Reserve Bank can be upgraded using a total of five parts out of which one part (Stanchion Rope)can only be earned by mastering any Los Angeles District to any level. For Mastering a District to each level (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Ruby), you will receive one Stanchion Rope.
The other 4 parts can be collected from Feeds or can be purchased using Reward Points. You can post a Feed for a specific Bank part every 24 hours and can receive a maximum of 4 parts per Feed Post.
Below are the various levels and respective max capacities of the Palms Reserve Bank:
Q: What are the Mastery Rewards for Los Angeles Districts?
You will receive a Bronze Mastery item for completing the first Tier in Each District.
Stats of this item will be upgraded, as you progress towards higher Mastery Levels (Up to Ruby Mastery)
District 1 – Bel Air Massacre
Bronze Mastery –Chase Master (365/310)
Silver Mastery - Chase Master (385/315)
Gold Mastery - Chase Master (415/325)
Ruby Mastery - Chase Master (435/335)
District 2 – Santa Monica Chop Shop
Bronze Mastery – Greasy Layer (310/370)
Silver Mastery – Greasy Layer (320/390)
Gold Mastery – Greasy Layer (330/420)
Ruby Mastery – Greasy Layer (340/440)
District 3 – Hollywood Uprising
Bronze Mastery – Hangman’s Ride (375/315)
Silver Mastery – Hangman’s Ride (395/325)
Gold Mastery – Hangman’s Ride (425/335)
Ruby Mastery – Hangman’s Ride (445/345)


Q: What is the use of a Crew in Los Angeles?
Recruit your Mafia to earn special bonuses and to help you do jobs, fights, robbing, and collect from properties with more force. Each category has 2 separate roles that can be filled once every 8 hours.  The objective is to activate all 8 roles to earn bonuses and protection.

All available Friends remain in the Queue until they are activated into Category Roles. All the Bonuses/Protection will be rewarded at time of activation of Crew. Your Friends must accept Los Angeles Crew requests to be added to open queue spots and once the crew request is accepted, both of you will become part of each other’s crew.

Crew Roles:

- Helps you get twice the Job Mastery for the next 20 jobs you do.
Lockpick - Helps you get twice the loot for the next 20 jobs you do.
Mercenary - Next 50 fights won’t cost any stamina thanks to your Mercenary.
Marksman - Your Marksman doubles your Attack power for next 50 fights.
Scout - Triples the rewards at the cost of double stamina for your first 3 robbing boards.
Arsonist - Guaranteed success robbing your first 3 properties for your first 3 robbing boards.
Taskmaster - Collect twice the amount from all your Los Angeles properties with a taskmaster.
Guardian - Protects you from being robbed in Los Angeles for the next 18 hours.


Q: What are the different collections in Los Angeles?
A: As of now, there are 3 different collections in Los Angeles:
Banquet Calls Collection (Bel Air Massacre Job Tier)
Smooth Circuit Collection
(Santa Monica Chop Shop Job Tier)
Cinemania Collection
(Hollywood Uprising Job Tier)
Q: How do I Vault a collection? What are the rewards?
A: You can vault various collection items dropped in Los Angeles for exclusive bonus.
To be able to Vault, you need to collect all of the items required to complete the collection. Once you have collected all the required items, click on the Vault Collection button to gain the associated bonus.
Bonus for collections:
Banquet Calls Collection => Vault for 30 Energy
Smooth Circuit Collection => Vault for 30 Stamina
Cinemania Collection =>Vault for 35 Health
Q: Can I Re-Vault the Los Angeles collections?
A: No, you cannot re-vault the Los Angeles Collections.

Q: What are the different achievements in Los Angeles?
There are 18 achievements in Los Angeles. You can view the status and progress of your achievements by clicking on Profile > Achievements
1. Hellraiser Bronze - Earned by raiding the Bronze level Mastery of Hellraiser in Los Angeles
2. Hellraiser Ruby - Earned by raiding the Ruby level Mastery of Hellraiser in Los Angeles
3. Steele's Wheels Bronze - Earned by raiding the Bronze level Mastery of Steel's Wheels in Los Angeles
4. Steele's Wheels Ruby - Earned by raiding the Ruby level Mastery of Steel's Wheels in Los Angeles
5. Woolf Studios Bronze - Earned by raiding the Bronze level Mastery of Woolf Studios in Los Angeles
6. Woolf Studios Ruby - Earned by raiding the Ruby level Mastery of Woolf Studios in Los Angeles
7. Buck Up! - Earned by having 1 million Bucks in the bank.
8. Crew-Sirs - Earned by acquiring a total of 200 Crew in Los Angeles.
9. Zap Out - Earned by winning 10000 Fights in Los Angeles.
10. Rule The Roost - Earned by fully upgrading one Property in Los Angeles.
11. Rustler - Earned by robbing 5000 times in Los Angeles.
12. Mask-Acre - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 1 in Los Angeles.
13. Number's Up - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 2 in Los Angeles.
14. Big Scream - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of District 3 in Los Angeles.
15. Reel Thing! Bronze - Earned by completing the Bronze level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Los Angeles.
16. Reel Thing! Silver - Earned by completing the Silver level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Los Angeles..
17. Reel Thing! Gold - Earned by completing the Gold level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Los Angeles.
18. Reel Thing! Ruby - Earned by completing the Ruby level Mastery of Districts 1-3 in Los Angeles.


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    lets say it this way ,, ZYNGA is pushing us to the use of scripts ,, ZYNGA is showing us again that this game is not for free cause without spending money you get nowhere in this game unless you have time to play 24 / 7

    cancelled my 30 month running VIP membership , cause i wont support anymore a company that doesnt listen to customers

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    2) Same thing after each new location: ....when will Z learn that Web Usability rules would state to keep this image as the name of the GAME, NOT a subset of the game!

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    Im just not sure I can be bothered anymore

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