Mar 19, 2015

Harbinger of Supremacy


About 3 weeks ago, Zynga gave us a list of the next 2 tiers of VIP benefits [1]. The Harbinger of Supremacy has now been added to the inventory. This is the last category of loot to have a harbinger and the next tier of benefits will simply add stats to the existing harbingers. I think it was a mistake for Zynga to show the Elite Black benefits so soon. I’ve seen many players comment that once they get their Harbinger of Supremacy they are going to cancel their subscription. The addition of +250 in stats is nothing when you consider that average loot stats are over the 700,000 mark. Zynga will need to do better if they want to keep their subscribers. If you joined the VIP Membership Program on day 1 than you should reach the Diamond tier of benefits on April 5th. Hopefully by then Zynga will realize this should be an Animal and NOT a Henchmen.



  1. I like how the category says HENCHMAN, haha... I hope they figute that out before they release it :P lol...

  2. Thanks, didn't even notice. I updated the post to reflect your comment :)


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