Mar 22, 2015

Farewell To Lyla Sharpshot


It seems a bit soon but Lyla Sharpshot has been or will be removed from your game.  Once your family defeats her (or the timer runs out) she will be gone. Lyla Sharpshot was released on February 10th [1], [2] and was dismissed yesterday which makes her stay 39 days. Family Bosses used to stick around for 90 days and Big Larry was here for 65 days. Lyla’s departure either means we will be getting a new Family Boss in the near future or Zynga has done away with the feature. Zynga should probably change the Operations tab to the Boss Fight tab since we haven’t had an Operations event since December 10th [1]. ‘Regular’ Operations are a colossal waste of space so those should be removed too. If the Family Bosses and Operations are done than they could remove the entire page. If the Family Boss Fight is going to return, I would hope that Zynga would give players some time to adjust to the new destination. Thanks to Norene Miller, Queen Brat and Dave Luison for posting this information on our fan page.


1 comment:

  1. She has been gone for at least 3 days for our family once we defeated her the last time.


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