Mar 22, 2015

Energy In Los Angeles


As we all know, the energy requirements for Los Angeles are extreme. Despite level, they are actually balanced between all players because they are based on total energy pool. It doesn’t matter how you built your account as the energy required will be determined by the energy you have. The more you have, the greater the job costs will be. If you want it easy in Los Angeles than building a brand new account is the answer. In order to enter Los Angeles you need to be at least Level 25. The 1st image below (compliments of Jo Gilliam) is from a Level 25 account and the 2nd image (compliments of Edward Larson) is from a Level 300,001 account. There is a great difference between the energy requirements but it’s not based on level. The chart below the images compares 10 random accounts and based on the numbers, it’s easy to see that the energy required is based on the energy pool and not level. The standard for comparison will be the 1st job of District 1 on the bronze level. Although it really sucks, it's a much better system overall than what we have in South Africa and Mexico. The big energy players won't like it but the fighters won't experience the Max Energy Too Low issue [1]. Instead of one group of players being miserable, we all can be.

Level 25: Energy Pool 253
Level 300,001: Energy Pool 1,179,724

District 1: Job 1
Energy Pool Job Cost % of Energy Pool Level
253 10 3.95% 25
25,249 972 3.85% 6,231
56,419 3,888 6.89% 13,029
65,147 3,888 5.97% 16,910
81,044 6,480 7.99% 180,699
85,141 6,480 7.61% 22,369
100,195 8,424 8.41% 25,699
223,482 13,600 6.09% 74,305
862,115 21,300 2.47% 168,359
1,179,724 21,300 1.81% 300,001

Now taking my account, we can determine the percentage of my energy pool required for the same job on each level of mastery. No matter what your level of energy pool is, the number of jobs you can do with the energy you have will be similar. Just like the Offshore Turfs Secret District, doing 1 or 2 jobs per level is not the idea of a good time.

Energy Pool: 223,482

Job Cost Ratio% of Energy Pool Max # of Jobs  Energy Pool
13,600 1.7436.09% 16
20,400 1.8349.13% 10
40,800 1.89218.3% 5
81,648 1.92936.53% 2

The charts above only represent the 1st job of District 1 which is pretty mild. From the bronze, silver and gold levels, we have seen that District 2 requires more than District 1 and District 3 requires more than District 2. The majority of the jobs on the Ruby level require so much energy that you can only do 1 job per level. This image may cause Zynga to lose a few more players!


  1. I have big energy but I don't autolevel. Good thing with big energy requirement is that I can jump start into a new level without waiting for xp bandit to appear (always think positive :D ) .
    Before, if I used an e-pack, I would have wasted some energy. Big en requirement in mexicantitties (as well as offshore turfs) saved me, and I guess LA is the answer now :)
    Look at the bright side.... and learn too, mw is not all about (sta, health, att/def)... there's one component that seems to be neglected by fighters: Energy!

  2. It's - unfortunally - the way it is.....I was thinking of building more energy to go faster to LA, but decided against it, especially after reading this post lol.
    I chew my way through the LA districts, getting them finished in bronze, so I can start building the properties, after all in the long run more important as getting the districts finished completely.......
    I've been playing MW since it was introduced on FB, was on FB before seen it all done it all, and I know I might upset a lot of players, but remember at the end of the day is it a game we're playing not RL.
    And yes I am in a family, even a admin their, but it doesn't pay the bills for me in RL lol.

  3. Sorry cannot see that, according to the 2 pics the lower level can do the first job 10 times, where as the higher level can do the same job 55 times, still nowhere near the level playing field.

  4. Sorry error, lower level can do it 25 times not 10..

  5. There must be an upper cap on the energy required. My level 104,434 kami with 563,442 energy has the exact same cost per job as Edward's

  6. Love how a person with almost 1,2mill energy complain about 40k requirement, id be happy if i had 1,2mill energy instead of only 34k, but i guess ruby is way harder so maybe its something to complain about then, but it wasnt like SA or Mexico was that much better and people survived that also somehow.
    But i will admit that requirement of 81k when you "only" have 223k energy, thats maybe abit much yes.

  7. I have big energy. I built my account this way on purpose to have an advantage in doing jobs, events, and being able to level more often. These kind of ratios and costs take away that advantage. Am I just complaining? No,. I hear all the time fighting accounts complain it isn't fair or we have an advantage. fighting accounts have the advantage in fighting and icing and those type of events. You choose how to build your account. Why is it that they keep making it harder for us energy accounts ? what was the point of putting more energy, if they are just going to make it cost more for us? Anyway, I know how the game works, so I will be fine and be able to do all the events. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents.

    1. What would you do if you held all the cards & made your living by owning & running it to be a success?

  8. As in the past, most likely an adjustment will be made. I cannot even do 10 jobs with full energy. I will wait

    1. You could be waiting a long time - then what will you do?

    2. You are right. If more and more paying players quit, soon we will all have a lot of free time on our hands, adjusting back to the real world :(

  9. 300K levels x 5 skill points is 1.5mill energy. you'd also get 150K RP from leveling. On double build that's another 150K energy. So it's possible to have around 1,650,000 energy if you built a pure energy account. Then anything else from regular builds and job mastery on top of it.

    I'd love to see what an account going on for 2 million energy like this would be spending per job on D10 Ruby level.

    1. If you where lucky enough to have just energy it wouldn't be long before you would be wanting the position changed - you defiantly live in the world where the grass is greener next door, The only problem will be that when you are there you will find the grass was greener where you just came from.

    2. I'm not suggesting that'd I'd like to have that much energy. I'm just talking about seeing the energy requirements for someone who does have an account that has been built like that, Just curiosity nothing else.

      No worrying about the greenes of various patches of grass coming from me.

  10. What is the point of opening another account?
    What do you do with this one?

  11. I know that I am not the smartest player, however I do try and learn from those that know what is going on, of which (like all) pick the things that suit me and play on.
    I do run MWAddon & Mafia Demon, in my case it is a bit like having transport - it there when you need it. The thing is I am at the coal face while these scripts are on. Unfortunately I don't know how or what to do to set them up so that after 10 days I have 2 million (what ever)
    Having said all that I do enjoy playing this game, What I don't enjoy is doing the jobs and then because I here have to redo the job.
    If you can remember it required 1 stamina to fight (like in New York), now 5 stamina. I think that Zynga has realised that the levels are getting/have got out of hand and Los Angeles is a way of bringing the game back to playing for playing's sake.
    The other problem with LA is that those that use scripts to complete quickly are finding the going rough and now have to actually play - that is mean!
    Zynga hold all the cards, I bet they also read everything and must break their sides laughing at some of these whinges. It would be interesting (if it was possible) to know how many whingers actually did stop playing & what they brought to the game (money).

  12. Hey - instead of complaining do you think we could have ideas on how to get the best results.

  13. I don't see that according to that chart that there is a level playing field based on energy pool. Some people at the high end of energy have a job cost of 2.47% of their energy pool while those with a lot less energy to work with have a job cost that is 8.41% of their energy pool.

  14. The consumable drop rate is pathetic, the raid is a complete joke if you need the payout to level up you either wait (up to 8 hrs) or buy the timer off. I wont be doing that so looks like I wont be spending much time in LA.

  15. Arena specialist, only have 106 energy. I am loving how this city is set up. It's all about perspective.


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