Mar 3, 2015

Craftmania 9 Coming Soon


There is good news for those who hate Limited Time Properties or those who want another chance to upgrade 3 of them. The 9th round of Crafatmania is coming soon. The bad news is we will most likely get 3 new properties in the new destination so this won’t be much of a break. If the pattern for Craftmania events continues, the 3 properties should be the Laundromat, Power Plant and Ski Lodge. They did skip the Oil Rig on the last one so it’s possible we could see that instead of one of the others mentioned. The VIP timer on the Hockey Arena is expired so we could see this event as early as tomorrow.


  1. hows that good news when most of us cant post or click on posts

  2. Without a Feed fix, this is just a taunting penalty.

  3. It's awesome news only when you consider the alternative. Would you rather have a new property? At least these will be partially upgraded if you haven't finished. The feed issue is something that Zynga can't fix and they haven't addressed. It's all on Facebook for that and we need to use scripts to work around it.

  4. Hopefully new destination will arrive after Easter on a Monday to make things easier for some ppl in the game. Bring on new operation or another Family Business event to keep those that are bored busy.


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