Mar 3, 2015

The Special Ability Urban Assault Mission Bug


I admit, I was a little excited to check out the special ability of the Rope Dancer for the Urban Assault 6 Mission. I worked around all the game issues and spent a lot of time in the Arena and on the fightlist. Having done all this, I was eager to ‘redeem one additional 'Spin' daily in the current Lucky Streak season’. What Zynga says and what I found were 2 entirely different things. There was no additional free spin to be had and I’m a little annoyed at the moment. I would go to Customer Support but I don’t have time for the frustration and I forgot to make a video. My story of what happened is shown below.

The 16th Lucky Streak was released on February 27th and will last a total of 23 days [1]. To date there have been 5 free spins and we should get 5 more. Zynga usually grants an extra free spin or two during the last few days of the event. With the ‘additional ‘Spin’ daily’ in the mix, I thought I would have a good chance to get extra loot and maybe a mastery item or two. To be sure I didn’t misunderstand the instructions, I checked them and the loot item description out. It clearly states that there should be one additional spin daily.
Armed with this information, I refreshed the game and went to the home page banner. There is my free spin that everybody got today. I wasn’t worried and figured the extra one would show up on the spin page.
It didn’t but I was still confident and figured it would show up once I used the free spin.
I used my initial free spin and even got a numbered item! This made me feel more confident that my additional spin was just a moment away.
It wasn’t but I thought hey maybe I need to refresh and it will be on the banner. Zynga wouldn’t lie to us, right?
When I refreshed my game and went to the home page there wasn’t a spin and the spin page still had a big 0 on it. I have definitely been Zynga’d!

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