Feb 8, 2015

Vivido Chispa Mexico Collection Event


The Vivido Chispa Collection Event is now available.  This works just like the Savanna, Souvenir Shop and Mexican Beat Collections but it lasts 10 days instead of 7. The collection items are gained by doing jobs in Districts 3-9 of Mexico. A walkthrough is shown below.

The collection items appear on the Mexico Map. This is hardly useful as nobody uses the map!
Once a collection item drops in a district you can move on to the next one. It doesn’t matter what order you go in and 1 item from each district will drop only once per day.

Once you get all 7 items, vault the collection to get the rewards. You need to go to the Special Collections page to do this. The rewards are 1 La Bandera and +8 skill points. If you can do this everyday that the event is available you will gain 10 loot items and +80 skill points.
Pay no attention to the Enhancer Boost. It’s just a gimmick that Zynga hopes you will spend reward points on.

Zynga hasn’t updated this in a while and in the Marketplace it still says Souvenir Shop.

If you don’t like to click too much, The Savann-o-Nator has been updated [1].  To find it, type in any part of Savann-o-Nator. The script will do whatever type of job you select (ie, least energy, best ratio, etc) until a collection item is found and then it will move on to the next district and repeat the process until all 7 items are found. For more details on how to use it, go here.


  1. so like I was through with this collection today was working on Saltillo all of a sudden the cards starting falling from the Vicido collection got a whole other set wild huh

  2. those aren't cards lol but old ashioned matches. the enhancers are fake, i bought 5 for 15 rp and nothing doubled but being robbed by zynga. i just want to know why i can only get 6 matches today. because yesterday i got 7 and vaulted, the last match was not from chiaspa, it's the first. i just spend 3x full energy and get nothing.... should we make a note at what time the loot dropped?

  3. Do all the districts have to be open in Mexico? Im sure they do and i need to collect the last two from the right.


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