Feb 8, 2015

Arena Smashup 6


The 6th Arena Smashup is now available. For the next 7 days everybody will have double the health. The leaderboard can be found by travelling to the Arena or using Smashup Rank Spocklet. There are 30 players on each leaderboard and the top 3 will get a loot item. The top 10 will get Arena Tokens which can be redeemed for more loot. Depending on the other players this event is either easy or hard. More details on how this event works can be found here. The daily rewards, which you have to enter the Arena to collect, can be found here.


1 comment:

  1. Of all the games/operations (call them what you like) this is Zynga's best game (should I say it's most profitable).
    To win anything you have to use Power Up's.& Power Cards. Before this game was introduced players just collected the power ups & power cards.
    We are split into lots of 30 of which a third get arena tokens. The top half try to get the top spot, to get there you have to use power up's, when they are used up, power cards. Should you be one of the players that win arena tokens, the chances are that you have depleted your stock of power up's/power cards.
    This is where Zynga is very cleaver, they don't wait long before they introduce the next round.
    When the next game comes along there haven't been enough time to build up your stock so having done well last time - you use these power cards - that is what they want - you could even use some reward points - - JACKPOT!


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